Tuesday, October 20, 2009

ABC Wednesday

N is for Nomads

a note of interest, - one in three of Iran's nomadic homes has a Cell phone.


The desert-born may yearn for desert places,
The yellow drifting sand, possessive sun,
As seamen crave the wide untrammeled spaces
Between the continents to which they run.

But I was born where woods and waters mingle
A land of contrasts pleasant to the eye,
Where cultured fields and intervening dingle*
With wrinkled unkempt mountain ranges vie.

Yet desert-born and I alike will face
What Time must bring us in its tireless flight, -
Obscurity or glory or disgrace, -
The unexpected star, - the sudden night!

* an Irish term denoting a 'fort', such as were found in this country in early years.

This poem Nomads is by The Prospector, and that is all I can tell you about it, or the author, except that it is on the last page of a book of western poetry entitle 'Lonely Trails', covered in red leather, well thumbed, belonging to my husband, printed in Victoria, B.C. some time in the first half of the last century and containing other poems of local interest in this valley and the Okanagan.

Perhaps somebody out there knows the identity of The Prospector?


magiceye said...

the statistic about mobile phones and nomads is very interesting!
the image is outstanding!

Sylvia K said...

Fantastic shot and I agree with magiceye, the statistic regarding mobile phones and nomads is very interesting indeed!



Mara said...

Good N and I love the poem. Not a clue about the Prospector though: never heard of him.

photowannabe said...

We found the same thing out in the bush in Kenya. No electricity or running water in the homes but they did have cell phones which I guess they charged when they went some distance into town.

Joy said...

I'm doing quite well this ABC Wednesday as this is the second poem posted I am unfamiliar with, but love. Lonely Trails sounds an interesting book. Was also unfamiliar with the term dingle as a fort, the other meaning of a wooded hollow as in dingle dell works with the poem as well.

EG CameraGirl said...

Interesting about the cell phones. Apparently cell phones are fairly common on the continent of Africa as well, which makes sense when you realize cell phones don't need wires to every home.

Reader Wil said...

What a beautiful post! Lovely photo and great "N" word! Thanks for your visit an d kind comment!

Tumblewords: said...

Amazing and interesting - the nomads and the cell phones. Wonderful poem! Excellent photo.

Roger Owen Green said...

cell phones and nomads; who woulda thunk?