Saturday, March 28, 2020

Remembering Callie 

My evening companion

who curled up beside me

with one paw on the computer........

who had been our dear furry cat

ever since she was a kitten

and David, our grandson, brought her to us

as a Christmas present, fifteen years ago.

She stopped eating a few days ago,

and then, the other night as I went to bed.

 I stopped to stay goodnight to her.

A few minutes after I had pulled up the covers

I felt her presence on the bedside mat;

leaned over and patted her head.

She mewed, softly, and we both went to sleep...

Unfortunately, she  didn't wake up,

and in the morning I gathered her dear furry body

in my arms, wrapped her in a towel

and laid her in a basket.

Our youngest son dug her grave.

We buried her at the end of the long flower bed,

and soon I will plant a white rose

over the spot where she is buried.

I am missing her, around my feet,

nestled in beside me in the easy chair,

and in the evening, here, lying on my desk,

next to me....

We had such a nice friendship,

a sweet understanding!