Thursday, August 11, 2022

Thursday, August 11th..... The month is slipping away, and I am also whiling it away doing little of anything productive, except enjoying the last of the summer days. I have been eyeing my closet with a critical eye, reminding myself that it is over stuffed and crying for attention. I have so many clothes that I don't wear any more since my social life has shrunk quite a bit. That happens in the summer but it also happens as one gets older and less involved.... I am pleased to say that my clothese have not shrunk and still fit me, - it's just that my social life is not what it once that good? It has its pros and cons..... It is good to see friends, but I find, alas, that almost all my closest buddies dwelll elsewhere - in the heavens I hope and believe..... I was thinking the other day that it would be lovely to gather together four bridge players and spend an afternoon sipping wine and bidding above what my cards would suggest, but alas and alack, I would have to raid heaven to find a foursome it seems. I have to be content with memories of Saturday night bridge games and the dear ones who participated. It is clear today - the blue skies are a treat - so many wild fires (not threatening) have spread smoke all through the valley. But today is lovely, - I think youngest son is out with the ladder clearing gutters. Bruce and I shoulod be outside too, even is it's only to sit and enjoy the fresh air. But he is asleep, and I am here at the computer, thinking that it is time I was posting a little blog. Some years ago I got in touch with a company who prints blogs and all I had to do to get printed books of all my blogs was to tell them where to start and where to stop. Wonderful!!! All those wonderful memories tucked into my book shelves, - I was reading this morning, blogs that were written when Charles and I lived elsewhere, up the hill in the countryside, and it left me with such precious memories. It is almost noon - what happeed to the morning when I had planned to do so many things.....well, I spent at least an hour at the piano, and a fair time going through books that hold the daily posting from twenty years ago when we made that lovely crew reuniom trip to Britain, and later the wandering through France, visiting Charles' brother's graves (from War years) When I think of all those times that lie behind me I get alarmingly aware of just where I am in the nineties decade!! Well life is still good, and it's time I went and made myself some lunch, to sustain it!!!!