Friday, January 01, 2021

 January 1st, 2021

Well, I sat down to write a little post, - I know I had lots to say, but then I had a nice phone call from eldest daughter, and I must once again collect my thoughts.......

A warm day, with a little breeze to welcome the New Year.  I see a small feather that one of the little birds has left behind, clinging to the tree outside my window, and blowing gently, to and fro.

I did not see the New Year in, - he/she slid in shortly after I had closed my eyes on 2020, and said farewell to really a quite indifferent year.  It has had little to offer, except that I have grown even more familiar with my home and garden as I haven't ventured beyond the gate except for a few lovely family dinners.

I gathered up my memories of other New Years' Eves when friends and the beloved were still here in this world, with me.

There were a few fireworks up on the hill, that excited Bruce and made him bark a loud greeting to the New Year, and all those who were celebrating it...

But after awhile I drew the curtains, gathered up my memories and the shadows of the loved ones and climbed into my comfy bed, assured that the New Year would arrive even if I waited to toast the days with my breakfast coffee and a little brandy!

A  happy, happy, happy new year to all,,,,,,,,,