Thursday, February 11, 2021

 Thursday, February 11th, 2021

Well, really it is Wednesday, February 10th, and I am on the verge of bed and expect a quick good-night visit from youngest son, so it is quite likely that the main portion of this correspondence will probably be accomplished some time tomorrow!!!  This is not an unlikely situation, - I find that many times  the things I muse about doing over morning coffee,  end up being a "tomorrow fact'.

However, I find that at least making a start at 'something' gives it a boost up on the possibility of it seeing the light of day within the next twenty-four hours, or so......

I have to confess to being a procrastinator, - - 'twas ever thus, and Charles was too.  This meant that life went on at a slow and stead pace without anybody becoming too agitated!!

I hear the front door open, and see that there are boots on the mat ---so Thursday, February 11th, is going to be the date this gets posted, I think!!!!


February 11th, 2021

Yes, posting day.......

Five robins in the Mountain Ash tree this morning

and the sky is a springlike blue!!

I even see a slight swelling in the catkins

and the little knobs of leaf buds

as they absorb this lovely sunshine!!!

and all those things speak SPRING.

Oh lovely, lovely.....

It will be so nice to get outside again!

Right now I am going to sit in the sunshine

and read a book on Brevity....

A lovely little book, edited by Zoe Bosslere and Dinty Moore...

One that you can pick up - read a page or two

and go on to the next 'flash nonfiction" little essays

the next time you get a yen to sit down!!!