Monday, July 16, 2018

This and That

Monday, July 16th, 2018

If we're talking "this and that" THIS would be the first thing we would talk about, 
- given present circumstances.


We are having a heat wave, - just finishing up the second day and with a couple more in the forecast!

I am in the garden shortly after six, and the cool morning air is deliciously refreshing!

Small birds twitter (we have a little family in the bird house that
hangs from the Mountain Ash) and there is a gentleness that is totally
lacking in the heat of the day.

As the morning progresses my youngest son arrives for breakfast
(visiting from the Chilcotin - lovely!!)
and I go back into the house, reluctantly.

The heat does not keep him from doing great things for "Mother"

the most recent being the painting of the outdoor furniture
(not in the slap dash way I would be inclined to do it,
but complete with scraping and primer and a careful application
of a fresh blue coat.

Just about the same shade as the gorgeous borage that the bees
are so fond of....

He has also resurrected the batteries required in the Scooter
Charles used here in town
(mainly by buying new ones)

and given me great encouragement about driving it
to the store, or the library,
or to visit friends...

All this in anticipation of the Doctor looking at me askance
when I go in for the required medical
for my driving license...

As he did when I was 92, and this coming birthday I will be two years older!
(but you know I still have my wits about me,
and am a very careful and conscientious driver)

Still - one must be prepared for all eventualities.....

When this dreadful heat finally breaks and it will be O.K.
to have doors open and fresh air wafting through the house,
we will tackle the Glimakra and change the treadle tie-up
so I can do beautiful deflected weaving
and make gorgeous scarves for Christmas present.

Oh,life is good, and the evening wears on and perhaps if I go and look
I will find that the temperature has cooled enough that
I might open the doors and windows.

The leaves are still, and there is no sign of a breeze
but the sun is not shining and making the porch floor
unbearably hot and scorching on bare feet
and one must Praise What Comes!!!!!

Here is a picture of the Barn Flowers, Sallie.
They are wonderful for privacy and so gay looking
floating to and fro in the breeze!!!