Friday, June 17, 2011

A little garden tucked away with all one's heart dreams of.
  Roses, lilies, lilacs and orange blossom.
Peonies and lovely blue delphinium.
A yellow iris

The fiery Blaze that has grown in all the gardens we've loved and tended

Life is good!  Even enchanting.....

More about this garden in our future.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Texture Tuesday

Using Kim Klassen's Just Cause

Marvelous Textured Photos here at Texture Tuesday.
ABC Wednesday

The VIP letter this week is the Venerable V

So many V's come flooding into my mind - she had a vacation to go and see the vixen and when she had verified its value she retired to the veranda to have a little fruit of the vine...etc.

But then I thought of all the Vera's I have known, (or known of)  and in particular Vera Lynne, close to the hearts of World War 2 Veterans and their sweethearts, and so I found this endearing video to send your way, - full of nostalgic memories, sighs, and the odd tear or two for those of us of that Vintage.

More Veritable V's here, at Mrs. Nesbitt's Venue.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

A faint but very beautiful late evening rainbow last night.  I handed the camera to the expert and original owner, our son David, - come to visit.

During the night there was a heavy rain, but by six o'clock the garden was fresh and fragrant, full of pretty shadows and small drops of the night shower.  I went out to pick flowers for the Pentecost altar, and gathered some newly bloomed peonies and gorgeous iris.

Well, nobody else was up and the coffee had not quite finished perking
so I stayed out to take some pictures.

This afternoon, after a wee nap, I succumbed
to temptation and  all the lovely textures that have
come my way of late, mostly thanks to Kim Klassen who
taught me all I know!!!!