Thursday, July 18, 2019

July 18th, 2019

Well,  in order to make life simpler

which seems to be important, these days,

I have decided to incorporate

all these other blogs that I once journaled to


as Sub-Daybyday posts,

and so.........

here are some pictures of the garden

as it slowly turns into a

beautiful jungle conglomeration

which Callie (the cat) is very passionate about....

there are so many places 

to burrow, and sleep, and hide....

not the least bit orderly,

just a lovely bit of heavenly greenery!!

I must confess that these are mostly perennials

who pop up each year

to say "here we are - enjoy"

perfect for a 94 year old gardener!!!!

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Saturday, July 13th, 219

I  have been wandering the threads of the internet...

threads that connect me to people whom I have never met

and yet they seem like old friends

whose day by day, week by week or month by month blogs

I have been following for such a long time

that the writer's have gathered me into their circle of friends, -

and I them  -  albeit the friendships are somewhat restricted

in that we don't have tea and biscuits together!!!

The evening has cooled off quite nicely.

The last few days have been close and muggy

and in the afternoon I have closed the doors and turned the air on.

Tonight there is a bit of a breeze and the fresh night air is delightful.

This wonderful fresh night air

also blew my youngest son in to visit,

ad as always I was glad to see him, and had two questions

stored up to ask him.

 I am still reading Robert McFarlane's "Underland"

and finding it quite fascinating.

He is writing, amongst other things,

about caves, and about underground waterways,

both of which stirred my interest

and I was looking for confirmation of what

I remember about an icy cave on the far side of the valley,

up near the top of the mountain -  

one that Charles told me about, but it was only hearsay with him, too.

And I wanted to talk to our son about our early

years on the farm, when there was a waterfall

a little way up the hill above our acreage

and a stream that ran down the edge of the 

neighbouring veteran's land

which disappeared and ran underground for some time

before it reappeared and slid uder the culvert 

at the road edge.

Small boys  are more inclined to hear about such things

than are busy mothers with six children...

or at least they are a bit more intimate with 

the valley's land and waterways.

I did once visit the waterfall, and also the big flat rock

at the top of the adjoining hay field

where the children used to take sandwiches and cookies

for lunch.

There was a cave they used to tell me about,

just above our farm near the top of the hill,

but I didn't ever worm my way into it, -

It appears I led a very sheltered life.....

but what can you expect from a mother

with six wandering children!!

I enjoyed our visit - and now it is time to gather

up the dog and cat, give out bedtime treats

and lock the doors.

Bed beckons, with a sweet night's sleep

Saturday, July 06, 2019

Friday, July 5th,

A rainy evening, and how lovely that is

the drops are splashing on the porch

and the door is wide open to catch that sweet scent of wet grass.

June was kind to us, rain wise

and July is starting off in the same generous fashion.

The last two years have seen  many wildfires throughout the province

and this year the dampness is so welcome!!

Of course the garden flourishes

and I am not continually running after sprinklers

and changing water.

If it is raining in the afteroon

I can also spend hours in the loom room

without feeling guilty about the weeds that are also green and flourishing.

I have a very large thistle  hiding in between the little lilac tree

and the enormous rhubarb leaves

and soon it will be out in beautiful lavender cones

(which I will harvest before they turn to seed)

But to get back to weaving...

I have warps on both looms - all threaded, sleyed and tied on

and ready to morph into scarves and runners - if it should keep raining.

I have been reading as well - two or three books, but the prime

is "Underland" by Robert McFarlane.

A fascinating book, about the earth, Under Land......

(A deep time journey)

All sorts of interesting things go on in that land

beneath our feet!!

Even at ninety four I am full of wonder.

Sunday, June 30, 2019

June 30th, 2019

And tomorrow is


Charles and David raising the flag on the first of July,

probably some ten years ago

and I am reminded that I have forgotten to replace this flag

which grew tattered and torn over the years

it flew above the house

until I took it down last fall.

And now, alas, I have only the flag that covered

my loved one's coffin

to fly in its stead!

What to do???

And how could I have been so forgetful???

(the answer to that probably lies in my age, too much weaving, and a lot of gardening)

Well, I will go and ponder this problem!

No doubt, as the day dawns we will raise the flag 

in honour of the country

and in  sweet Remembrance!!!


And of course you will remember
to pay proper homage
to the White Rabbit,

as July dawns,
bright and sunny.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

June 26th, 2019

Wednesday evening, - the middle of the last week in June,

 and it's been such a lovely month.

We are catching up with rain showers, and mostly they happen at night, 

The plants and flowers get watered, and they are fresh and delightful 

for one to enjoy in the daytime.

A week ago there was not much in bloom

but suddenly the lilies have all opened their lovely petals

and the yellow daisies are in fierce competition

with the Shastas.

Out front the orange daylilies wave in the breeze

and do a great job hiding the fact

that the white picket fence is badly in need

of painting!!!

The Bee Balm toss their scarlet heads,

and soon the barn flowers will be wildly yellow.

Even now they have grown tall and bush so our privacy

is quite assured.

A mama deer has taken up residence with her little one

in the shrubs that line the creek on the other side

of the meadow.

We don't see her often, but it is a great pleasure

when we do!

When we get tired of weaving Callie and Bruce and I sit outside with a book

and a glass of lemonade.

We gather a small vase of the flowers Charles loved

to share beside him...

Bruce explores the garden, but Callie disappears into the greenery...

The other day I called her and she came out with a poor wee mouse in her mouth

so I guess she returns to the wild when she burrows....

Life is good!

Lavender scent is lovely...

I heard a nighthawk call last night...

The raspberries will soon be ready to gather for breakfast...

I am all ready to wind a new warp...

I waken at five, - ready for a new day (tho' I bury myself in the blankets until six!)

I see my children often, and lovingly....

Life is good.  

 (oh, have I said that already???)

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Tuesday, June 18th, 2019

My eyes close as I finish reading

Chris Arthur's fine essay upon his father's calf skin brief case

 (to be found in The Shoreline of Knowledge)

and I muse on his observation that

"it is enough to realize that every common object in this small sunny room

will outlive me - the mirror, radio, bookstand and rocker"

And my husband's calf skin briefcase....

Arthur 's essay is entitled

'Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Briefcase" 

and his insight and wonderful expressiveness leave me wondering at 

"the images of the history of humanity in which we're all enmeshed"

At one time I had all of Chris Arthur's "Irish" books, - the Nocturne, the Willow, the Haiku 

and the Elegy, but gradually, over the years. I have dispersed them

amongst  our children in the hope that they will be blessed by his imagination

and the creative path it follows.

Now, of course, as my shelf life has been extended into the 10th decade,

I want them all back, to read again.!!!!

This copy of "The Shoreline of Knowledge" which I am now reading

came into my possession through "Thrift Books"

A great place to explore, and if you're lucky,  to find such treasures

(as this book is) and so many other children and adult books

long out of print and difficult to obtain through modern sellers.

Of course, the fact that I am replacing these books that I once gave away

is doing nothing for my determination to clear the shelves.

Instead I am buying books like "The Digital Undertaker" and

"Lasting Words" - books that are more in keeping with my present

spot in life.  I am reading C.S. Lewis and Thomas Merton instead of Joanna Trollope

What I need is a good rollicking book by Erma Bombeck or Alexanxder

McCall Smith, - something along the lines of "Candles and Cake".

Before I go along the hallway to the Loom Room and my weaving

I get out my husband's calf skin briefcase and think of all the papers

it has held in his long life of devoted community service -- the establishment of

Okanagan College, Agricultural and Sheep Breeder's papers, things pertaining to his

work with Air Cadets and Education and I think what a fine, generous man he was

and how this calfskin briefcase is such a worthy symbol of his leadership and integrity.

And I think about how lucky I was that Easter Sunday to have gone walking with a friend

by the North Saskachewan River, slowing down so that I could have the pleasure of

his company for the rest of his beloved life!!!

Friday, June 14, 2019

Friday morning.....
June 14th, 2019

The Garden is in transition these days...

The tulips and daffodils are just a fond memory

and the pink and scarlet peony petals have shattered, -

dry and crushed, although still reminiscent of their beauty.

I strolled a bit through the garden this morning...

Bruce was with me when we started, but he soon

found exciting smells to investigate and

was burrowing amongst the jungle of phlox

and herbs!

Soon he found a blanket to rest on and contemplate!

Callie just found a spot to lie down where it was cool!!

The day lilies, the flax and the magnificent and regal lilies 

are starting to bloom

 The great cabbage pink roses have a 

scattering of  rosy pennies around their feet, and the last of the blue

delphinium growing through their branches.

Though these lovely Monet colours remain as accents

the main body of the garden is turning to

summer yellow!!!!

Soon the barn flowers will line the back fence with gold

and the bee balm will burst into a circle of scarlet and royal purple.

Asters and white daisies - the heritage sweetpeas which I find

have burrowed their way throughout the garden......and the rudbeckia..

lovely shades of yellow.

To say nothing of the sun flowers that are reaching up the fence

to shine on people going down the lane!

It is a small garden, compared to the ones that Charles and I tended

over the years, but a precious place to relax sometimes,

and sometimes to bestow lovely rich earth under the fingernails!!

(Alas, it is also the source of many an evening's back ache!!!)

Endured with the pleasure of gardening!!!