Saturday, September 14, 2019

September 14th, 2019

Ah yes, - tomorrow we will be half way through September!

It's been a lovely month

and the garden has responded nicely;;;

the asters blooming

and the last of the barn flowers reaching heavenward

oh dear, it is such a jungle!

The lawn just loves the mild autumn weather

and of course, I should be outside while September is so kind

(next week the forecast is for rain, at least until Friday)

But no, - I have been inside at the loom

and now the four shaft Le Clerc is sitting naked

in the loom room, - the towels that clothed her

unrolled from the beam, washed, pressed and looking

forward to being hemmed as they hang on the

hallway railing....lovely fall collours to brighten

the house.

I am spending my weaving time in my bedroom,

where the big Glimakra lives.

finishing off a lovely black runner with a little

white overshot and a fantastic fringe  (which is

what attracted me to the draft in the first place).

I will post a picture when it is finished.

Sunday tomorrow, and I plan to get up and make scones

to feed any and all family who might come to visit!!!

And any that  are left

I will enjoy next week,

with tea, - while the rain comes down!!

My bones and the weatherman

are quite adamant

that this is going to happen.

I missed seeing the Harvest Moon last night

despite waking up numerous times

during the night,  but

the clouds had rolled in.

But here is Leon Redbone

and his wonderful Harvest Moon,

and that will bring me pleasure..

You too, I hope...

Monday, September 09, 2019

September 9th, 2019
Monday again!!!

The days are getting shorter --
8.00 p.m. and already the shadows have drawn in
and the evening begins to darken.

(Bruce can no longer see the cat who has been saucily sitting
on the shed roof, across the street,
challenging him to wear himself out barking....
and so the night is quieter, too!)

I have finished in the kitchen...
coffee on for early morning,
and in the hour or so before my youngest son
pops in to discuss our days
and say goodnight
I am planning to refamiliarize myself with the ukulele music
that the ladies are playing Tuesday mornings.

I have not been going to practice
over the summer.......
just strumming a bit over breakfast, here at home
and so I must remind myself how to pick, and strum the chords
and make sure everything is in tune.

 Here is my audience!!!

Out in the garden yesterday, and I picked a few of the last barn flowers and
some of the autumn crocus 

There won't be many more garden flowers to put on
the shelf that holds reminders
of the beloved,
although the sedum has not bloomed yet
and there are also the gloriously coloured
fall leaves

I found a few raspberries
and they perked up the breakfast cereal

When I am not in the garden, clearing away the wonderful remains of summer,
I am most often in the loom room...

Here are the towels I am making - I am on my fourth
and anxious to finish
so I can do another warp of these
amazingly beautiful fall colours....

Here is another rendition of September Song

by dear old Willie Nelson

Sunday, September 01, 2019


September 1st 2019

and a warm welcome to September.

my most favourite month!!!

This is the month that seems to me most like New Years

It is, as a matter of fact, the beginning of the year for me

and always has been!!

The excitement of September is only exceeded by the relief I feel

at having shut the door on August!!

This is the month the children, and mother, went back to school!

The month when all community activities started again, after a summer hiatus...

and with enthusiasm and great plans for the coming year.

This is the month when the sun was kind to us

and ceased shining upon us with broiling heat

while we struggled with fuzzy peaches

and pears whose state of maturity was always a mystery to me.

I am a glutton for knowledge, and learning

and after the children all finished grade school

I went back to college courses,

and to my weaving and spinning,

and the library

and bridge,

and music,

and all sorts of things to stir my enthusiasm.

In later years it was a time when Charles and I would indulge

in back road drives, and photography...

"Would you like to take a drive this afternoon?"  I would ask

and he was always willing and a great

participant with his fine eye as to what would make a great picture.

Here are some snaps we took on one of the last

of these afternoon adventures....

and another picture by Brian Lasaga 

Beautiful Autumn - painting by Alfred East 

And below is one that somewhat illustrates a book I am now reading, by 

Robert McFarlane, Stanley Donwood and Dan Richards

entitled "Holloway" (a sunken path)

"a route that centuries of foot-fall, hoof-hit

wheel- roll and rain-run have harrowed

deep into bedrock"

It is only a little mini book

but it contains a wealth of interesting

information, and the writing is intriguing.

I ran across this mindful poem, Burton D. Carley

September Meditation

 I do not know if the seasons remember their history or if the days and
nights by which we count time remember their own passing;
I do not know if the oak tree remembers its planting or if the pine
renenbers its slow climb toward sun and stars.

I do not know if the squirrel remembers last fall's gathering or if the
bluejay remembers the meaning of snow.
I do not know if the air remembers September or if the night remembers
the moon.

I do not know if the earth remembers the flowers from last spring or if
the evergreeen remembers that it shall stay so.

Perhaps that is the reason for our births - to be the memory for creation.

Perhaps salvation is something very different than anyone expected.

Perhaps this will be the only question we will have to answer;
"What can you tell me about September?"

Well, if this is so, I will have nothing but good to say about

September - this lovely month.

When one gets to be as old as dirt the Septembers
remaining for one to enjoy are perhaps a little limited,
so I expect to put my heart and soul
into this one!!!

Here is a little warp I am in the midst of putting
on the loom
for a run of hand towels for various family kitchens...

September colours of red and rust and yellow

and a woollen shawl I just finished

to ward off the winter weather.

Happy September!!!!

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Saturday night!
August 24th, 2019

Well, I won't be going dancing tonight!  

And I am having a small hiatus from weaving...

(to give my right knee a little rest from the #2 treadle - 

the knee I hurt water skiing, - a self inflicted wound

inspired by a bout of egoism)

I considered a short session 

of Candy Crush

but decided in favor of a good book!

one that I can take to bed with me....

I have been re-reading Loren Eiseley lately

and am almost finished

"The Firmament of Time"

Probably just about a couple of dozen pages.

Just right to finish before the head starts to nod

and the eyes close

and the book falls

and I waken with a start

and start reading again

but I probably don't absorb the last few pages

and there, I'll have to do it all over again!!! 

This is a book I bought from Thrift Books.

A collection of Essays (or lectures)

beautiful prose, - easy to read

and very thought provoking.

Loren Eiseley was seventy

when he died in 1977

so there have been a number of more recent books

written on anthropology

but I doubt if any of them tell too much more

about man's scientific thoughts

on the nature of the world.

I find that "time is of the essence" these days

in many of the things I hope to do

and so I think it behooves me to take Bruce

out for his before-bed business,

and let Callie in for treats.....

and take myself to bed, together with

"The Firmament of Time".

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Flirting with Melancholy

Tuesday, the
21st of August

A melancholy day....

The sun didn't shine

and the day lacked any great enthusiasm!

The weaving went well,

but still it didn't inspire a little pool of joy....

What was it that so affected the day?

Well of course, perfectly normal...

"You"ve had these melancholy days before", I told myself.

And so I carried on

feeling kind of sad and aimless

and I found this great, sorrowful video

that you might like to listen to

if you should happen to hit a 'melancholy' day

that's Hauser on the left 

I recognize him for his lip accompaniement

to his lovely music

Here he is playing Albinino's Adagio

still very sorrowful

but so beautiful!

Cheer up, I whisper.....

tomorrow's another day!

Sunday, August 18, 2019

August 18th, 2019

Another pleasant Sunday!

Early rising, and a few hours spent with the birds, over breakfast...

some reminiscing about days gone by, mainly inspired by this

wonderful picture of my love which appeared somehow on Facebook,

as a memory, I presume, as it was taken on the 18th of August, 2011....

A Sunday afternoon, I believe

Lingering over coffee and sweet memories, finally I stirred myself

to go and get ready for an enjoyable outing - luncheon with friends

to say farewell and God Speed to one who has reached the age

when she needs to be closer to her family, - as much as she will be missed here...

I got out my new blue summer dress and my staid white shoes that remind

one of fancy runners, but are just the thing for old ladies with canes!!! 

And off I went - driven by No. 1 Son-in-law!

An enjoyable lunch - somehow I don't get out as much as I did at one time,

when I was younger

So it was rather special.

When we left the restaurant there was an "old fellow"

at the door, and he was driving

a bright red cart, enclosed in a cabin,

 with a very large windshield

and side mirrors that enabled him to see oncoming traffic

and he told me that you can drive

one of these wonderful contraptions

without a licence!!!!

It was the general census of opinion

that I should go right out and buy one of these,

but realism prevailed 

and I decided that wonderful as it was

this cart was made for people in their eighties

and probably people in their nineties

are better depending on generous, sweet, offspring

who will cheerfully drive one around!!!

Well, that settled that, and I came home

and made a Crazy Chocolate Cake

(as in days of yore when there was always a cake

in the "Cake Drawer" for hungry children...)

In a 9x13 pan you put

three cups of flour, two cups of white sugar, one teaspoon of salt
two teaspoons of baking soda and
one half a cup of cocoa.  Mix it up a bit.

Make three wells,
and in one pour three quarters of a cup of vegetable oil,
in another three tablespoons of vinegar
and in the last two teaspoons of vanilla.

Pour two cups of cold water over all
and mix  well with a fork!!!

Bake until done in 350 degree oven
probably about 35-40 minutes
but watch it, - not called Crazy for nothing!!!

If you don't want that much chocolate cake
you can divide the recipe in half
in an eight by eight pan
and it will be just as delicious.

You don't really have to fancy it up

but a nice, thick, gooey icing is nice!

Saturday, August 10, 2019

August 10th, 2019

After a week of terribly hot weather

this was to have been 

a lazy Saturday, -

but you know how it is when it comes to

the schemes of mice and men going aft a-gley.....

it seems that also applies to old ladies with string, too!

I was so close to the end of the warp

I thought I would just finish off the last towel

I have been working on.

Which I did....

but the day's work didn't end there!

The end of a warp inspires one 

to unwind the beam, and stretch out the weaving

in the hallway...

and then, of course, one must examine

the whole thing for errors,

snip off the bits and pieces of thread,

and you might just as well throw it in the washing machine

and get that over with!!

An hour or so over the shower curtain

in the bathroom, 

and surely the fabric was dry enough

to press and cut apart!!!

By this time it is getting close to supper time...

but enthusiasm is not to be denied,

and here are a half a dozen blue towels,

hanging in the hallway,

The weather lady promised

and we are having a wonderful thunder and lightning show

in celebration.

A fitting end to a hot, hot week!

Bruce is at my feet - and Callie

is hiding in the closet

but I revel in the wonderful smell of rain,

and the windows and doors are all wide open!!

Here is Yundi playing Chopin's Raindrop Prelude

Lovely - enjoy!