Sunday, May 02, 2021

 Saturday, the first of May

by Peter Burn

Queen of monrhs, supremely fair,

Clothe with garments rich and rare,

None in beauty can compare

With thee, sweet May

Lovely month, thou bringest mirth,

Spreadest sweetness o'er the earth,

Causest Nature to give birth

To fruits and flowers

Thou are love by young and old

Joys for each though dost enfold

Never shall our hearts grow cold

To thee, sweet May

I love May, - it has so many garden delights, and it has brought so many

other delights, that have made life eternally enjoyable, 

eternally meaningful!!

Friday, April 30, 2021

 April 29th, 2021

Our eldest daughter's seventy-second birthday, and wow, does that ever make me feel old!!!!

She is probably not feeling terribly young, either, but life goes on, day by day, and somehow one does not notice how quickly the years pass by.  How one no longer skips down the stairs, bends easily or, even when that is accomplished, straightens up - even more difficult is rising from a crouch.  Oh well, who crouches these days.  My dearest left behind him a thing-a-ma-jig that picks things up off the floor and has banished forever the long reaches and the dangerous knee bends......

Spring is settling in, - a rather overcast day, but warm and pleasant, and Bruce and I spent a little time in the back garden, searching for unfolding leaves and bursting buds.  The peonies show lovely signs of a May time selection on the stage, and along with the iris that are beginning to sending sweet swards skywards it should make for a pleasing show.

In the meantime the Alium are about to burst into a lovely purple globe, and there are a few tentative buds on the scarlet Poppies.

Youngest son arrived for evening visit - a hiatus.   - I will be back

.Later - there is a decision to be made.  Shall I continue writing or shall I answer the call of the bed, which is terribly beguiling, even though I sleep alone!

Sorry, - bed wins.  Watch for me in the morning......


Sunday, April 25, 2021

 April 25th, 2021

Seventy-eight years ago today that I met my darling husband!

Easter Sunday, and down by the riverside, where Norma and I had packed a frying pan, some potatoes to fry and a pork chop or two!

In my mind's eye I see my lovely airman, his jacket thrown across his shoulder, gazing down the river......

"Slow down" I say to my friend, - "he may catch up!"

And he did, -

We fed him fried spuds and pork chops and I spent the rest of his life as the one whose hand he held when we came to the end of the pathway along the North Saskachewan, and whose hand I held at the end of his life.

A day of memories, - lovely ones, sad ones,  grateful ones, happy ones - I am full to overflowing!!

About to graduate from the Initial Training School in Edmonton as a Pilot in training he went on to Calgary that wonderful summer of 1943, and spent his "48s" in Edmonton.  On leave, I accompanied him home to Penticton, where we became engaged and I wore his ring with prayers that he would survive with his crew the OPS that were ahead of him.

He did, - we were married, had a family of six,  -sixty seven years of marriage and so very many memories!!!

I came across this poem of Mary Oliver's that somehow seemed appropriate.....

"Sixty-seven years, oh Lord, to look at the clouds, the trees in deep, moist summer.

daisies and morning glories opening every morning

their small, ecstatic faces...or maybe I should just say

how I wish I had a voice like the meadowlark's

sweet, clear and reliably slurring all day long

from the fencepost, or the long grass where it lives

in a tiny but adequate grass hut beside the mullein and the everlasting

the faint pink roses that have never been improved,  but come to bud, 

then open like little soft sighs under the meadowlark's whistle, its breath-praise,

its thrill-song, its anthem, its thanks, its Alleluia, oh Lord."

Life is good.....pork chops and fried potatoes were always a favourite!

Friday, April 23, 2021

 April 15th, 2021

A sunny day, - the leaves are slowly unfolding on the tree outside my window, - through it's branches I see the blossoms on the neighbour's small apricot tree, and further along the beautiful blue sky that enchants me and invites me to take Bruce out with me whilst I enjoy a mid-morning cup of coffee.

Off we go!!

April 22nd, 2021

Well, one would wonder where we were 'off to' - certainly not to continue this bits and pieces of blog......

Perhaps I will try again.  Spring, and it is a wonderfully sunny day, - the leaves have probably quadrupled in size and the early fruit tree blossoms decorate the hillside orchards, - soon the apple blossoms will unfold, and I will be back in my memories to 'apple blossom time' and what the phrase meant to the romance that Charles and I fell into in May of 1943.....

I got lost in memories, and now it is April 23rd, but perhaps I will finish this post before I go out into the sunshine and inspect the growing peonies and yellow daisies....  Frank  (SIL) cut the lawns yesterday - a sure sign that Summer looms and will follow Spring in great haste....  I look forward to going for a drive through the valley, and perhaps will hear a meadowlark, or two.  Being 96 and bereft of a driver's license keeps me from enjoying a quick spring time trip  but I am thankful for sons who volunteer their chauffeuring time and skills.  And thankful for earlier times when Charles and I dawdled through the valley and the hills and 'made memories' that are so precious to me now.

I take the camera out into the garden and capture some of its early loveliness......

and in the house branches of forsythia brighten up every corner.....

|Maybe this afternoon we will go in search of apple blossoms, although it is a little early for them yet.....

Still, - hope springs eternal, and there might even be a bluebird, or two.

Friday, March 19, 2021

 March the 19th - the last day of winter......

There are small signs of spring!

The catkins are growing longer, fatter and more pregnant....the Daphne is in violet bloom - and speaking of violets, I saw two peeking out of the lawn that lines the driveway, - small and shy, but indicative of good things to come!!!

I have yet to see a Dandelion, but when I do I will know that Spring is with us, for sure.  In the meantime we all take advantage of sunny hours and delight in the fact that at times the wind is not sharp and chill, but speaks of balmy wafts.

I saw my youngest son raking dried leaves and bringing order to the lawns and flower beds.  Well, really there is only one lawn, and handkerchief size at that, but a small back yard is just what you need when you get elderly and aren't out at six in the morning, gardening!!!  As I used to do, when we had three acres, a large area of lawns and a forty by eighty vegetable and flower garden.  To say nothing of the beds that lined the log fence Charles built..... heavenly!  So lucky to have had those years of passionate gardening.

As I wrote these words a tune came into my mind, - one that I have been playing sentimentally on the piano - "Among my Souvenirs".  What would we do without memories!!!!!

Saturday, March 13, 2021

 March 13th, - Saturday morning

It is Nine a.m. and I am on my third cup of coffee.

Meditating on things that evolved at the church meeting yesterday.

Wondering when the Parish Hall will become a part of the Indigenous community, and if they really mean that eventually St. John's church will be de-sanctified.  My hearing is woefully inadequate, and sometimes I get the wrong impression of what is happening, or due to happen, and have to wait until it actually DOES happen to find out if I was right or wrong.

Waiting for youngest son to arrive so that I can go and retrieve some of the things which are precious to our family, - the plaque in memory of Charles' two brothers who fell in battle and the bell pull that my beloved wove - I can't reach the belfry that one of our sons fashioned at his metal shop, but hopefully it can be reinstated somewhere where it will be claimed dear to us.

Life does change, - the way people think changes, and I feel old and out of things.  Well, I am old, - 96 is not to be included with the young and active, but still..........

Time passes....although this is not relevant to what I have been thinking, the trees are starting to bud, - the Daphne is in bloom and it is time to turn the clocks ahead to enjoy the long spring evenings.

I have been reading up on "flash essays" and find that to fashion one or two is quite inviting, and maybe I will do that - it seems that I have many things that I could express an opinion about!!!!!

It is a sweet spring day, and perhaps Bruce and I will do things in the garden this morning.  Would love to take the cat out as well, but I don't feel nimble enough to chase after her if she should decide to scale the fence and run off down the lane!!  Perhaps I could take Charles' cart - maybe I could even venture up the street with it.  Over town is taboo, I think , but there are plenty of back streets that we could toodle along.  Well, I will see, - in the meantime there are things to do in the house, so I am off to wash the breakfast dishes and consider setting some bread to rise......

Happy Springtime!!!  Catkins are getting longer and fatter and the sky is blue......lovely!!!!

Wednesday, March 03, 2021


I know these guys have been here before,

but once again, as February fades

and March marches on stage.....

here they are again to emphasize

what's been floating around in February,

and what we can expect in the windy

blowsy month of March...


Well, I started this post some days ago

and never did get to tell you about what we can expect

in the blowsy month of March.

The one thing I can say here is that

it is the 3rd of the month

and there has not been even a hint of a breeze

to blow the March Hare in!!!

However, I can tell you a little about

the "Good Intentions" that I am browsing through.

A collection of Ogden Nash

that Charles and I bought soon after we were married

to start filling the bookcase.

Probably the 1942 edition.

The scarlet that encloses these well loved poems

was once a blazing red, but now fits in

beautifully with the rest of the books that have rested

on the bookshelf for the last fifty years - or so!

I take them from the shelves every now and then

and although Ogden Nash is probably a has-been now

to me he is a forever-humorous.....

His poems may be of a different time,

and not too current,

but to someone who came to maturity in the middle

of the last century, they are

quite precious.

There are long poems that take up a couple of pages,

and there are little short ones

that have told their tale in only

a few lines,

but they are concise and they stay with one....

for example


Sally Rand

Needs an extra hand.

Not everyone would be familiar with Sally Rand

but to those who know, her name brings

a picture of half naked ladies with VERY large fans.

.There are another few words about


The parsnip, children, I repeat

Is simply an anemic beet.

Some people call the parsnip edible;

Myself, I find this claim incredible.

There are other longer

and even more humorous poems

and I can only recommend to you that if you

happen upon a second-hand book store

you make a search of Ogden Nash -

or probably you can find him on your computer

and spend a happy hour ot two

being amused......

or bemused  if you are growing old

and reading this poem, ( that causes me to think!!!!!!)

"Senescence begins

and middle age ends

the day your descendants

outnumber your friends."