Thursday, March 31, 2016


March 31st, 2016

Tomorrow is April Fools Day, and tonight, if you are up at midnight, quickly say White Rabbits for good luck, but today, - today was a wonderfully warm spring day.  The sun shone, the sky was to drown in, - all that beautiful blue enveloping the warm earth...

I planted some more Swiss Chard, a bit of lettuce, and lost myself in the compost heap before I gathered a fair amount in a pot and made a little corner bed, surrounded by stones, wherein I shall tuck some lilies, I think.

The neighbour's apricot tree is in bloom - early for fruit blooms but looking lovely with the white picket fences and the blue sky.

In the raised bed a few hellebores still linger

and some blue hyacinths

Across the lane my daughter's sweet forsythia bush glows in the afternoon sun.

Bruce, who reminds me so much of Caspar, keeps me company, and Callie in line.

The daffodils out front are in their glory, and the peonies and delphiniums
are stretching their lovely limbs and even showing a bud or two
on the older, earlier peonies that were here when we came.

 in the house the hellebores that graced the altar on Easter Sunday
sit on the dining room table,
enchanting, - the shades of rose and white are tinged with just a touch of green
and they droop so languidly and with such grace....

A few daffodils and a bit of forsythia 

and across the valley K Mountain still clings
to snow in the crevices
as a reminder that April is fickle
and sometimes goes elsewhere and sends
cold winds and chilly rain in her place.

I find great comfort in the garden!!!!
It is so alive, so promising.......

Monday, March 28, 2016

L for misty love and lazuli

ABC Wednesday
March 30th, 2016

The Letter is L for Love-in-a-mist

Nigella damascona

Do you grow this charming old-fashioned flower in your garden?

The fragrance is not its tour de force

but it's beautiful blue delicacy and the

feathery surrounding to the flower

makes it a favourite.

I used to grow it at the bottom of the steps
in my old garden

Now it is tucked it  a pot along
with the nicotiana
and they make a lovely combination.

I included that sweet Lazuli Bunting because I just
happened upon him and he 
seemed perfect for the picture.

More Ls here at ABC Wednesday
with thanks to Roger and Denise
and lucky helpers.