Tuesday, November 09, 2010

November Morn

It was frosty on the pasture early this morning, as November roused himself to pay a visit and remind us all that paradise doesn't last forever.

For a little while the roses in the garden glittered with an icy frosting

I have made a little Mind Map of the things I have to do today to get ready for Remembrance Day.

A ham to bake, and a pot of chili in the slow cooker.

Stacks of laundry from my foray into the linen closet yesterday
(and which today only requires ribbons tied around the stacks of towels and bedding
to make it look like the perfect Martha Stewart Cupboard!)

A new loaf of bread to set in the bread machine,
where it can mumble and grumble and come out
smelling delicious, square and crusty and inviting.

I put in a load of laundry, I start some music and then the Chili.
As I add the last of the onions to the meat and the peppers and the mushrooms
and the beans I see Charles getting the SUV out of the garage.

A honk, and then an invitation to go for a drive!

The chili will cook while I'm gone.  I will make the bread in the afternoon.
I put on a jacket and am off with the camera;  oh, careless of
all responsibilities, but the merry-go-round only goes
around once with the brass ring.....

The clouds are moody, but the valley still glows with a muted gold, - the grasses
range from a beautiful naples yellow to russet and greens
and down at Ginty's Pond a few ducks mess about in the far reaches amongst
the logs and bullrushes.

The birch trees are barren of leaves but their trunks have a silvery glow

Old familiar spots, - you've been here before, but have you ever seen them looking so 
lovely, so rich, so jewel-like????

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