Thursday, May 01, 2008

David Harris and Jelani Eddington play Louis Moreau Gottschalk - The Grande Tarantelle

Brilliant music to celebrate the Merry Month of May.......

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Early this spring Husband pruned the curly willows, and in the process we snipped a number of pruned branches into small lengths, put them in a pot of water for a while, until they began to shoot, and then into a little nursery row where they developed nice, strong roots.

In an endearing act of faith Husband once again started planting trees. A row of wee curly willows to stretch out down the fence that lines the road to home. Each planted with the expectation that we will be here to watch them grow and mature.....

We are getting the occasional day when the air is warm and pleasant, and the chilly winds don't blow. On those days we come in weary and tired at lunchtime, but full of satisfaction with what has been accomplished.

We have new neighbours across the fence.... Baby, with the white socks and shattered star is not yet a week old. His lovely long legs carry him on little bursts of joyous sprints around the pasture. Mother and Uncle Ducky watch over him carefully and all of them are growing sleek and shiny on the lush green pasture.

Yesterday the day was stormy, and we were ready for a break. We took the day off to do errands and shopping in the "City". Everything went so well, and we got finished so quickly Husband suggested that we might go looking for the often contemplated van to replace the sporty red Grand AM that we have, alas, outgrown. Not enough spring left in the knees to enter and leave jauntily, - just getting out of the car casts a pall of old age.

Here is what we found, and we are thrilled and excited as we step in and slide out of this equally sporty vehicle that accommodates our old bones so nicely.

The countryside is awash in blossoms and burgeoning greenery - tender leaves, filmy catkins, the apples are in the pink and the Ramona tulips open each morning to the sun.A tender memorial.

Husband is setting out the cards - time for Caspar and I to make the evening trek.