Thursday, August 12, 2010

Skywatch Friday

August 13th, 2010

Similkameen Skies

Monday's mid-morning summer skies.  Lots of ethereal creatures romping around up there for our entertainment at coffee time.

For more skies from around the world visit Skywatch Friday and be prepared to be awed and amazed.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

ABC Wednesday

The letter this week is D

D is for Duck

And here is The Duck Song for your enjoyment.

When you have finished listening duck over to ABC Wednesday to see what other Delightful D's you can find.

Sunday, August 08, 2010


As we venture further into August dawn comes later each morning.  As I scoop Caspar up from the couch for his early morning walk night is slipping away and the waning moon  is a lovely golden sliver in the eastern sky.

This morning I open up the house to the morning coolness, turn on the coffee, have a quick shower and enjoy a few moments quietness before the day begins.

Charles wakens, we have a leisurely breakfast and a small discussion about the vagaries of the night that has passed and the day that is to come, - I play the hymns that have been chosen for this morning's service one last time, and soon we are dressed and off to Church.

I put up the numbers of the hymns, sit down at the organ and flip the switch to ON.

Alas, alas!!  A great complaint from the organ - such screeching and howling about the lack of lubricating oil that makes things run smoothly in its innards.   Can I reboot it?  I try without success.  Will I have to play the piano which is keyed too high for comfortable singing and has no resonance to speak of....

I am assured as I play some Prelude music that the miserable mewling from the organ is not as loud in the body of the church as it is up close, and we continue with the service.  I play the opening hymn with a bit of style and the congregation sings lustily.  Before the readings I flip the switch to OFF, - better to listen to Isaiah without the grumblings from the instrument.....

When I turn it back on for the Gradual hymn all is quiet and peaceful - something has evidently soothed the organ's sufferings.  We finish the service, visit over coffee, and drop in at the store for some milk on our way home.  I come out with $84.00's worth of groceries.......

Ashley, Chris and Saskatoon (our granddaughter, her fiance and their lovely dog) come to have tea, bearing a plate of goodies and good news about their future if all turns out as well as they hope it will.

Callie, the cat, spurns Saskatoon's advances and goes to sleep in my closet.  Caspar doesn't let anything disturb his afternoon nap.

We have a bite of supper, watch a little TV, I knit a bit and then I take some pictures of the evening sky.

Another precious ordinary day.....