Saturday, July 12, 2014

Summer evenings

Along about nine o'clock it begins to get dusk.  - I have opened the house to what I hope will be fresh cool air after the heavy somnolence of the July afternoon.

Yes!  It is cool.  Callie and I traverse the long hallway, through the sunroom, and follow the beautiful scent of the nicotiana growing by the back door and in all sorts of hidden places in the garden.  Although it is hard to hide the nicotiana, - it is three feet tall and waves its branches with their cool white fragrant blossoms to catch any movement of air, so when darkness finally falls they are still a ghostly presence perfuming the garden and
floating their fragrance through any open window.

I have taken to breaking off a small sprig of the flowers and putting it in the bathroom, along with some daisies and sweet peas, and when I awaken in the night I immediately have this lovely feeling of being surrounded by exotic perfumes.

And then, of course, there was the moon last night - just appearing over the crest of the dragon's tail attached to K mountain, and lying southward down the valley.  Beautiful!!!  Like a great white mother-of-pearl button.  The loveliest picture I could find was one taken by Janis Dority, who lives in a valley much like this one, except in California.  I have borrowed it from Facebook, where she posted it.....

Today the weatherman promises extremely hot weather, - probably into the 40s (C).

I have a Celebration of Life to attend early in the afternoon and have set out my
dark glasses and my straw hat so that when the celebration site becomes too warm
I can gather them together and walk home, just a block away,
and the A/C and a nice cool drink of Orange Brandy 
 will welcome me.

I have put a tempting Lancashire Hot Pot in the slow cooker, having discovered 
some very nice lamb shanks at the meat counter yesterday, and made a fruit salad with
end of the week strawberries and bananas and melon and raspberries from the garden....

Looking forward to another sweet evening and dear memories.

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Z is for Zither

ABC Wednesday
|July 9th, 2014

The letter is Z and Z stands for Zither

An ancient and world-wide musical instrument;
 a slender stringed box which takes many forms, 
depending upon where in the world you find it.

This piece is played by Etienne de Lavaulx on a 6 chord zither,
 and I think it is very beautiful.

As we come to the last letter in the alphabet you will find more interesting Zz here
 because nobody is Zzzzzing  over there where Denise and Roger
 and their Zesty helpers are bringing you ABC Wednesday.