Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Catch Up

For the last ten days I have been immersed in ribbons and bows, wrapping paper, Christmas cards and letters, lists (oh, so many lists) and Christmas balls and ornaments.

But the house is all decorated now, the lights are twinkling on the porch and in the outside trees, I have all the 'away' parcels posted and the Christmas letters all written.......

In between this flurry of activity, which Charles would say was TOO MUCH, I have had a lovely shopping trip in Penticton with my dear DIL, where I spent too much money and was exhausted by crowds, but had a lovely lunch and enjoyed the scenery there and back.

And I have been out to lunch with various organizations, - the Museum Dinner,  held at the Wrong Turn Tavern (which I was wary about but which turned out to be a most pleasant and surprisingly enjoyable evening)

And the Purple Ladies held their Christmas luncheon at the historic Grist Mill in Keremeos, where I had hoped to buy a few Christmas gifts, but found them very much tourist-priced!

The day we shopped I went to bed fairly early, and then got up at 2.00 a.m. to listen to the Christmas Concert, Tannenbrass, from Berlin (the Philharmonic, for which I have a season's ticket that gives 
me much pleasure.  I wasn't sure if my 'inner alarm' still worked, but I thought deeply
and diligently about waking at 2.00 a.m before I went to sleep
and sure enough my eyes sprang open right on the dot.

A beautiful concert and I was entranced with the children's response, - one little
girl dancing in the aisle!

and others quite absorbed and delighted

I took pictures from the computer as I listened.

Here is Sarah (?) who hosted the party, playing her French Horn through a long green tube!

and the children's choir, who also performed with instruments and dance

It was so perfect, - I sighed and went back to bed at three o'clock, while visions of sugar plums 
and wonderful Tannenbrass music danced in my head.

Monday I mailed all my parcels.
Tuesday I rested!

Today I am going to the Cawston School, where I attended Christmas Concerts
that our own children played in, and where now my great-grandson, in grade one,
will be excited and in awe to be on-stage.

I play Christmas music and look around at the decorations in the house,
and it is as it always was, it seems, -
but those of us who have lost dear ones know better.......

and Callie keeps an eye out for feline visitors, accepting it all in true cat fashion.

I am sure I will be back before Christmas, but I must go now and put my 
Christmas Bell earrings on and get ready for
all the excitement of the School Concert!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Wonderful Watermelon

ABC Wednesday
December 17th, 2014
The letter W stands for Watermelon!

Do you remember Summmer???

Then you remember Watermelon!!!

Wasn't it delicious!

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