Friday, March 19, 2021

 March the 19th - the last day of winter......

There are small signs of spring!

The catkins are growing longer, fatter and more pregnant....the Daphne is in violet bloom - and speaking of violets, I saw two peeking out of the lawn that lines the driveway, - small and shy, but indicative of good things to come!!!

I have yet to see a Dandelion, but when I do I will know that Spring is with us, for sure.  In the meantime we all take advantage of sunny hours and delight in the fact that at times the wind is not sharp and chill, but speaks of balmy wafts.

I saw my youngest son raking dried leaves and bringing order to the lawns and flower beds.  Well, really there is only one lawn, and handkerchief size at that, but a small back yard is just what you need when you get elderly and aren't out at six in the morning, gardening!!!  As I used to do, when we had three acres, a large area of lawns and a forty by eighty vegetable and flower garden.  To say nothing of the beds that lined the log fence Charles built..... heavenly!  So lucky to have had those years of passionate gardening.

As I wrote these words a tune came into my mind, - one that I have been playing sentimentally on the piano - "Among my Souvenirs".  What would we do without memories!!!!!