Friday, February 07, 2020

Snow in the Similkameen

My thoughts on the current
dump of snow!!!

When whoever is in charge

of weather and all its accoutrements

was faced with an overload of snow

and was looking for a place to dump it,

I'll be darned if they didn't choose

The Similkameen!!

...and it is still snowing!!!

Inclined to make everything look

pure and white and virginal -----

but is that the vision we are really

looking for as we peer

around for spring!

Somewhere under this beautiful

white coverlet

the daffodils are poking their

promising green spears.

The forecast is for sun on Sunday

(appropriate but is it something you would stake your life on!)

Bruce doesn't linger long

over the necessary bathroom events,

and Callie just turns her back

on the cat door and heads for the litter box!!!

Can you blame them???

Enough of this weather forecasting...

I am off to weave!

The Windhover, (label on my woven goods)