Thursday, October 31, 2019

Blue skies and sunshine

2019 - the 31st of October

One day this week

when the sun was shining and the sky was blue

and the trees still held a small vestige

of autumn colour,

the phone rang, and it was

Number Three Son calling to ask

if I was up to an afteroon drive down the valley!!

Of course, -

a most pleasant way to spend

an afternoon,

and in most welcome company...

I took the camera...

and include herewith

a couple of the pictures we took.

a scooped out stone amongst the sage brush and meadow grass

Autumn leaves, down by the border where we stopped to visit with a friend

mountain slopes

A cup of tea at the end of the drive

and another day of pleasure and satisfaction...

so glad that Charles and I decided

to have six lovely children

all of whom are so kind to me, 

and so great to be with!!!!