Thursday, February 07, 2019

End of the day....

Thursday, February 7th, 2019

First of all Bruce goes out for some night-time air, 

and to attend to other business.

A few minutes later

The door explodes, 

 - the little dog comes rushing through,

his nails clitter clattering down the hallway.....

  -  and it is time for evening treats.

Callie gets in on the feast as well, 

but in a much more ladylike fashion.

 I gather up my mints,

 my Ipad for watching Netflix 

(until my eyes waver and close,)

 and as I go to lock the doors

 and check that the pilot light

in the little gas fireplace is on and burning brightly

 I am awash in the lovely fragrance of the Hoya

as I brush past it..... 

What a perfectly lovely way

to end the day!

And how generous the Hoya is

to scent this wintry evening!

Post Script...

many thanks to Ruth for helping me

give this plant the right name!!!!