Friday, June 14, 2019

Friday morning.....
June 14th, 2019

The Garden is in transition these days...

The tulips and daffodils are just a fond memory

and the pink and scarlet peony petals have shattered, -

dry and crushed, although still reminiscent of their beauty.

I strolled a bit through the garden this morning...

Bruce was with me when we started, but he soon

found exciting smells to investigate and

was burrowing amongst the jungle of phlox

and herbs!

Soon he found a blanket to rest on and contemplate!

Callie just found a spot to lie down where it was cool!!

The day lilies, the flax and the magnificent and regal lilies 

are starting to bloom

 The great cabbage pink roses have a 

scattering of  rosy pennies around their feet, and the last of the blue

delphinium growing through their branches.

Though these lovely Monet colours remain as accents

the main body of the garden is turning to

summer yellow!!!!

Soon the barn flowers will line the back fence with gold

and the bee balm will burst into a circle of scarlet and royal purple.

Asters and white daisies - the heritage sweetpeas which I find

have burrowed their way throughout the garden......and the rudbeckia..

lovely shades of yellow.

To say nothing of the sun flowers that are reaching up the fence

to shine on people going down the lane!

It is a small garden, compared to the ones that Charles and I tended

over the years, but a precious place to relax sometimes,

and sometimes to bestow lovely rich earth under the fingernails!!

(Alas, it is also the source of many an evening's back ache!!!)

Endured with the pleasure of gardening!!!