Sunday, December 22, 2019

December 22nd, 2019

My eyes grow a little heavy

and I glance at the clock....

It is only six minutes after nine...

but then I have been up since 6.00 a.m.

and made some orange and cherry muffins to take to church

before I had my breakfast.

Callie is here beside me.

Every once in a while a paw reaches out,

touches my fingers enquiringly..

"when are we going to start the evening-go-to-bed routine???"

Soon, I say. It's been a long day!

We said goodbye to Advent.

Put all the violet paraphanalia away

until next year,  - at least until Lent,

and brought out the lovely white

hangings and parameters for Christmas.

A few battery candles on the window sills,

some garlands and ribbon to surround them.

the nativity figures at the altar

and two beautiful poinsettas at each side 

of the Communion rail.

We are ready for Christmas Eve!

Home for lunch and a little nap

before I ponder what there is still left to do

before the family comes for beef and oyster Stew

after the Christmas Eve Service.

The presents are all wrapped,

the towels and scarves woven

the baking done (will I need more shortbread??)

and letters and cards away in the mail.

The paper whites are starting to bloom,

the silver is polished,

and I have a little Christmas Tree in one corner,

along with the Christmas visitor

who sits in the corner all year long,  waiting.....

The ham, waiting to be baked...

and the stew, of course,which will simmer away in the oven

Christmas Eve day, while I am busy

with other things in other places.

I await Christmas. and the joys of family,

but suddenly I miss my Beloved, terribly,

and I am awash with memories of other Christmases,

when we were young, and the children were young.

And I am grateful to have had those wonderful, joyous days then

and the memory of them now!!

Whatever your time of life there is something

magical about the peace and stillness the days bring,

no matter what you must accomplish in the waking hours...

Is it the comfort of family, the satisfaction of giving and creation

that makes it such a glorious festival?

Love Christmas - every bit of it, - the memories and the NOW.

Merry, merry, merry merry merry - my Christmas wish to all!

And so to bed!

On second thought, as I rise in the morning....

If you are not in the mood for merriment

have a quiet and meditative Christmas.....

both good for the soul!