Tuesday, August 22, 2017


ABC Wednesday
August 23rd, 2017

The letter is G for Goldenrod

from the paintings of Sandra Baggette

As always,
when we approach the last days of August
and the garden appears to be a little tattered
and ragged,
before the asters and the sedum start to
celebrate September,

I have really had enough of the heat
of summer,
the stress of wildfires,
and the dry and lifeless cold
the air conditioner brings.

I am ready for the GOLDENROD,
the Rabbit Brush..
open doors and windows
tunneling in that wonderful
fresh fall air!!!

In the days when I used to dye wool for weaving
I would go out into the country
to gather the Rabbit Brush
and the Goldenrod.

I might still do that, but it is more likely
that I will just enjoy memories,
and Mary Oliver's sweet poem...

Old Goldenrod at Field's Edge

Ice upon old
stops me at the edge
of the field, how

this morning,
the still stalks

slender, exhausted,
the gray boss - 
all that is left of their
golden hair -

a crown of snow, and the rest-
stem and leaves - 
just waiting

in their glass suits
to fall -
or,  if enduring,
to see

the great melt, and the fields
tinged green -
and the lambs,
coming again from the
cozy barn,
with their crazy prancing...
how the cold
makes us dream!

The seasons pass, and the spring will come
but before then SEPTEMBER,
that I truly love..

along with the Goldenrod.

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