Monday, April 01, 2013

ABC Wednesday

The letter is L

Whereas last week it was necessary to scratch for flowers that
began with K,
L has been lavish with its supply of lovely flowers -
somehow it's just that kind
of a letter.
Lupins,  Lunaria, Lilacs, Lobelia, Larkspur, Love in the Mist
It is early in the morning, towards the end of May.  I am up with the sun and before I breakfast I go into the garden where himself, the sun, is making long shadows along the pathway.
The bright blue above is kissing the Linum awake, and as the petals open they reflect the colour of the sky, tossing and turning in the morning breeze.

They are morning flowers - by noon they will have closed up shop and be napping.

Within a few weeks the lavender will add its delicate
 perfume as I brush past it and stoop to pick a sprig.

and the lamb's ears will start to poke their little mauve flowers along their stems
just under their ears

and then it will  be time for the gorgeous,elegant lilies!
That come in many beautiful colours
and practically send one swooning with their heady fragrance
Oh,what is life without a garden!!!!
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with many thanks to Mrs. Nesbitt and to Roger
and all who help with this great meme.