Thursday, March 31, 2022

March 31st, 2022 Time to say 'goodbye' - thanks to March and the days that carry us forth into Spring -how delightful anticipation is!!! As I look back on my life what a great part "anticipation" has played Probably the greatest bit of anticipation that made such a difference in my life was the anticipation of the War being over, and my love returning to 'walk the aisle' with me! But then there is also the anticipation of children arriving - sweet babies to keep you up nights and later to add so much love to your family life.... Right now I look out my window where the teasels once hung and discover that in these last days of March they have fallen to the ground and left in their place those lovely leaf buds of spring. There is one lone daffodil outside the front fence - I haven't been out yet today to look for dandelions but I know that the peony buds have sent up ever growing swards of greenery and by the 24th of May the garden will be awash with those lovely adventuresome blossoms. The grass grows greener and longer and the lawn is dotted with violets. My daughter's lawn is not dotted with violets, but covered and perfumed with those lovely spring flowers. I trust that the lawn mower will grant them some time to bloom before it is time to trim the grass. I see out my window a small house-hunting sparrow inspecting the nest that nestles in the crook of the newly budded tree that is shedding all its tensils and preparing a safe and shaded spot to bring up the young.... Well, to get back to the business of 'anticipation' - right now I am anticipating a sunny afternoon and an hour or so with a book and a glass of coolness. Of course it is March, and one cannot rely on the weather staying the same, and it is quite likely that by the time I am ready to relax in the springtime sun all the clouds will have gathered and the sun will be having an after lunch nap.... Here's to April and all it's lovely delights....including the nice lunch youngest son fetched up in the kitchen!!!