Monday, June 10, 2013

ABC Wednesday
June 12th, 2013

The letter is V
The nicest thing I can think of in the flower/plant line is the Korean Spice Viburnum

A deciduous flowering shrub
reaching four to six feet in height, although the Compact variety stays a bit smaller.
Often planted at entranceways or close to windows
it is the  Crème do la Crème of the Garden when it comes to fragrance!!
The aroma is sweet, but of even greater appeal is the
sharpness of the spicy scent that some say reminds them of cloves.

If I had a lovely garden gate as here depicted, I would plant a Korean Viburnum
 and visitors would be overcome by the romanticism
and the intriguing fragrance. 
(The picture is entitled a Country Garden Gate
and the artist is David Lloyd Glover)
We had a lovely Korean Viburnum in the garden on 10th, but it was unfortunately
too large to move, and I have never been back to obtain clippings
to root, alas.
Even more 'alas' none of the local nurseries seem to be able to obtain this shrub
though I ask every spring.
These bushes are among the many plants that attract butterflies, and
small birds feed on the berries in the fall.
Of course there is also the sweet, retiring violet, whose lovely scent is
also known amongst
Lovers, Sweet Old Grandmothers. and anyone else
who yearns for the first flowers of spring.
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with thanks to all who maintain this great meme