Thursday, November 26, 2020

 Thursday, November 26th, 2020

Well, here I am, contained in my office/computer room, with the cleaning lady having wet mopped all the hallways leading into other parts of the house, and what is better than to at least start a small post in my neglected "Daybyday" - nothing recorded there since the middle of November.

I have been so neglectful. November has been dreary, as it so often is.  The clouds hang low, hiding that weak wintry sun that skims the mountain tops.  The leaves have all fallen, and the teasels on the tree outside my window are small and shrunken, - doing whatever teasels do in the winter, - resting perhaps, - waiting for spring when they will flourish and grow fat and green.  

I suppose we could all do that - rest and wait, and grow fat and green, but as the days roll out towards the end of this grey month December is eagerly scratching at the door of the last weeks of this weary year, and holding out promises of garlands and wreaths and Christmas cheer, to see us on our way to 2021.....  A good thing!  Perhaps as I unpack the boxes of holiday decorations I will find there, all wrapped in gay ribbon, the joys of Christmas.

As darkness falls I flip the little switch that turns on all the bulbs with which my son-in-law so kindly festooned the garden, and all the bleakness of the grey days is swallowed up in a lovely blaze of light. I think we are a little premature with these decorations, but they are so uplifting to the spirit and inspire the evenings......

I know it is probably too early for Carols, but a little modern Christmas music wafts through the house and sends me looking for a wreath or two, to welcome the rest of the decorations.  There are nice, fat books of holiday music on the piano, and I find myself sliding onto the bench to play a bit of Jingle Bells or Silent Night- or my favourite, that Joan used to sing so beautifully, - "O Holy Night".

I miss these dear friends, and my Beloved, as well, and I wonder how long I will hang around, - the one who is as 'old as dirt' - still enjoying life and finding so much to do to fill the days,  - and there is family who are dear and comforting and so kind, but I do miss all those peers with whom I shared earlier days.

Ah well, gratitude for the blessings that have fallen my way, and on into December and the pleasures of a loving Christmas!!!   I must add great quantities of butter to my grocery list so I can start making shortbread and filling Christmas baskets of goodies.....

Life is good,  as long as one remains cheerful and contented with the circle that grows smaller as one grows older.......and the Hellebore blooms in time for Christmas........