Thursday, December 04, 2008

Well, now that one can take a long breath of relief after the ridiculously insane Federal developments in Canada it is time once again to enjoy December.

We woke to a nippy morning, and even though the sun came out and shone its mighty heart through the windows, illuminating every bit of dust that had been hiding in the gloom of November the frosty day remained a reminder that Christmas is near.

Tonight I have a Scottish Fruit Cake in the oven - filling the house with that lovely scent of Christmas - it needs only the smell of the pine to mingle with it and bring the feeling of Christmas even closer.

At noon, the first of the Christmas luncheons, - this one to express our great appreciation for the volunteers who come and help us in the Church thrift shop.

Husband's calendar is full of singing dates with the Senior Group whose members warble for fun, and are available to entertain all sorts and conditions of merry makers at Christmas and through the year.

I have been playing 'Christmas with BoneyM' at every opportunity. 'Daughters of Zion' and 'When a Child is Born' make me a little giddy with plans for Christmas that are now beyond me. But at the end the gloriously happy strains of 'Joy to the World' just touch my heart and bring the most contented smile to my face. It has such incredible joyous energy!

I have been shopping, - the ribbons and bags and tissue paper are all organized, - the Christmas letter is written and awaits the added notes of love and friendship.

At Handbell practice all our pieces are sweet old carols,in deference to our new players, - but in church on Sunday I play some of the beautiful new winter and Advent carols as a prelude.

It is a simply a splendid and absolutely satisfying time of year for old romantics like me!!!!

And now the timer bell tells me the cake has been in the oven for two hours and I'm off to find a tooth pick to test it.