Wednesday, April 25, 2018

April 25th, 2018

This morning, when I got up, I closed the door to the loom room and determined that I would get down to business, and finally go to town to replenish the larder after three days of procrastination.

Well, I have this lovely and colourful warp on the LeClerc, which I finally beamed on, and where it lies awaiting threading and sleying on the weekend.

Today is such a precious spring day.  Warm winds, blue skies and it is the 75th anniversary of the day that Charles and I met, - he taking a short break from studying for exams at that point in his training to be a pilot, and me, out on this lovely spring day with my dear friend, Norma, - laden down with cold potatoes for frying, pork chops, a tin of niblets, a frying pan and a quart of milk!

I am sure I have told this tale before - how I murmured when we saw this handsome, fair airman gazing down the river, jacket thrown over his shoulders. -  "Slow down, - he might catch up!"  He did, we continued down the river bank, heard a pheasant call and stopped at our usual picnic spot, where we fed this wonderful specimen of a prospective relationship.

He asked us to see a movie, - I told Norma what a shame it was she was going to be busy that evening, and he and I set a date!!  The chemistry was overwhelming!!!

What a full, rich life that chance encounter led to, trailing in its wake so many wonderful memories of the life we made and the family who were so dear to us.  Hard times, endearing moments, wonderful years of working together, and now I keep busy weaving, and treasuring days gone by and the friendship of our children.

Today I went to Choir before I shopped, and amongst the songs we sang was one friends knew was dear to me......"Among My Souvenirs".   It was a favourite of my father's as well.  A little melancholy but I love the tune and the words touch my heart, somehow.

Late in the afternoon, out in the garden
with Bruce and Callie.......

A little skirmish with the cutch grass, and a small cutting of ruby red rhubarb,
to stew for supper.  
The tulips are starting
to bloom, as is the silver dollar which spreads itself
 through the garden.

A long and so welcome telephone conversation
with our oldest son, who was on
the ferry, on his way to Nanaimo......
and it was time for supper.

And now it's time to go and tidy up the kitchen and make
a cup of hot chocolate.

When I wake in the night will I see
the twinkling stars and the bright moon,
through the trees, and remember how it was
on the farm, away from town lights
where the night sky was so glorious!!

I would love to see the Lyrid Meteor Shower
but it would require me to turn off all the town lights
and go out into the middle of the road
(in my nightgown?)
and I'm not sure of the proper procedure,
although the Mayor was at one time a neighbour.....

Ah well...Praise what comes!