Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Time, you old gypsy man.....

June 3rd, 2020

Before I went to the loom this morning I sat and mused,

as I lingered over coffee...

Mused about the passage of time

and where I now exists on its line

between birth and death.

Well, I am naturally more involved

with the "now", rather than with

what may come  (what 'inevitably' may come!)

The breakfast table

is right next to my book shelves...

I would like to call it a library

but the books are not that well organized..

I picked out three, randomly,

and leafed through them as I lingered

over my second cup of coffee.

"The Human Revolution" by Ashley Montague....

a book that fascinated me fifty

(or maybe sixty) years ago.

It, along with Loren Eiseley's "Firmament of Time"

melded and influenced much of my thinking in those days

when I came rather late to asking so many

questions about life ....

The third book was "Handwoven Laces" by Donna Muller

and it represents the path my mind followed 

when I took up weaving seriously.

I am eternally grateful that I was so drawn.

I cannot complain about being alone

as our children are close, physically and emotionally,

and I find they assuage the loneliness that so often

comes in old age, when you have lost your Beloved, 

and there is nobody to discuss at the breakfast table,

the here's and where's and what's and so on!!!

However, the looms have kept the creative part

of my mind active and the actual day-to-day act of weaving

is sometimes even exciting!!!

It fills my time, and that is so important , (I think)

as one ages, and copes somehow with the loss of friends

and the means to be more mobile.....

I took two lovely silk and linen, blue and grey scarves

off the loom, - washed and pressed them -

and now I must go and twirl all the fringes!!!