Saturday, October 09, 2010

Morning Musings

I sit pensively at the breakfast table, watching the moody clouds that wrap the Cawston hills and the slight change of colour as the sun rises through them, wondering if they will develop into a fiery October sunrise or if the light will just fade back to gloomy grey.

Wondering if I dare have a second cup of coffee!

Fingering the Wallace Stegner book that I itch to open - last night I finished
'Crossing into Safety' and now I have this delightful title to tease my impatience 
'When the Bluebird sings to the Lemonade Springs'

I set it aside regretfully.

It is a busy day.

While the sun still shone yesterday I poked around in the garden and then picked armsful 
of asters and sedum and chrysanthemums, a few late shasta daisies
and some of the late roses to take to the church early this morning.

The ladies of the Altar Guild will brighten the church with these lovely symbols
of Thanksgiving.  Apples and grapes, turnips, cornstalks (if anyone is
willing to clean up after them) a cabbage or two and lots of squash and gourds.

If we were on the prairies there would be wheat, but these are the fruits of
 our orchards and vineyards and gardens.

The sky is not going to produce anything spectacular this morning and so I rise, step out onto the deck and snap the light on the clouds before I go to gather the flowers into the SUV.

As I pass the piano I pause for a quick run through of the prelude I have been hoping
to play for the Thanksgiving Service, but alas, it is definitely not 
up to scratch and so (ever the optimist) God willing I will plan on using it next Thanksgiving
and resort to variations on the old familiar hymns that comfort our
aging parishioners - 'Come Ye Thankful People Come' We Plough the Fields and Scatter'
and 'For the Beauty of the Earth'.

Love and Blessing at Harvest Time to all whose hearts are full of thanks,
whether to a Creator or to Blind Chance

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

ABC Wednesday

The lovely letter L is listed tops today

L is for Love

......and here is a tune about love to stay with you all day and into the night.

For more interpretations of the Letter L linger a while here at ABC Wednesday, with thanks to Mrs. Nesbitt and her literal helpers.

Monday, October 04, 2010

October 4th, 2010

But those who came before us will teach you. They will teach you from the wisdom of former generations." Job 8:10 

Up before Charles this morning, - quite early, and in the quietness of the morning tending to my knitting as I finished off the toes of the sixteenth sock!

While doing so I held quiet communion with my mother on this, the 53rd anniversary of her death.

I remembered her teaching me to crochet and to tat, but mainly it was knitting we did together; her with her needles flying, me much slower and laborious.  During the hard, hard years of the depression she added to the household budget by doing exquisite custom knitting for friends and friends of friends.  Beautiful dresses and skirt and sweater ensembles.  

In later years, - the years she spent in a wheelchair, she turned her talents to petit point.  Some of her pictures were small and delicate, - others of incredible size to me, who found it inspiring how she spent those years of pain and immobility, patiently creating beauty and always with grace and courage.  She taught me to knit, but most endearingly she taught me to live by her beautiful example.

In Memorium
Dorothy Emily Grace