Thursday, April 25, 2013

Friday, April 26th, 2013

On Wednesday I said to Charles (out loud) "I am going to take a drive down to Cawston and see what's happening at Ginty's Pond - would love to have you come along....."

It was a gorgeous day.  Blue sky, wispy clouds, warm breezes and sunshine!!
I went first to Kobou Park, a project of the community to mark the 1967 Centennial Year,
-  when we were young, -
And since kept in beautiful shape by the young people of the community
(and some of the older people, too)
who use the ball parks and the children's corner constantly.
What interested me most was my thoughts of contributing in Charles' name
 to the trees that rim the park,
placed there in memory of pioneers of the Lower Similkameen 
and some of the people who
were part of the Cawston Bench Lands,
veterans of the Second World War who planted the dusty sagebrush flats.
I thought about what tree would best exemplify his dear, generous life,
and think it is a decision I cannot make on the spur of the moment.
I left the park, still pondering, and drove along to the western end of the pond.
where the shrubs and trees and grasses that line the water are that wonderful
luminous green of April and springtime.
Last year's bullrushes rise crisply above the rather murky waters, holding aloft
their soft, puffy seed heads, enticing the birds and the wind shamelessly.
Stretching into the eastern part of the pond there is a little green growth, then smooth waters
I pass beside the river, and the hills that rise above its far bank..
and I come to the end of the pond that crosses the road through a culvert that
stretches to the south, winding its way down again to the river.
There is a great deal of housekeeping going on here!
and perhaps still a bit of courting
I came home through the orchards in bloom and the gardens blossoming with spring flowers.
and along by the creek that runs through the Rocking Chair ranch
It was my first venture out alone, and I thought I did pretty well.
Lots of lovely memories of other days, other drives, other conversations.
And memories from long ago, - I remember the first year we were in Cawston,
roller skating down the Main Street with Steven, our oldest -
and skating on Ginty's Pond during the 1950's when the winters were
cold and the snow was deep and there was a marvelous place to party and have bonfires.
Ah yes, and here is this ancient lady, wandering around, taking pictures
and finding some contentment,
as I turn into the driveway at home and see Callie, waiting in the window....

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

ABC Wednesday
April 24th, 2013

The letter is O

O is for the Ox-eyed Daisy
Humble and derided as a weed in many places, but still beautiful in its simplicity.

If it just wasn't so ubiquitous!!!
For more wonderful Os click here to visit ABC Wednesday, with thanks to
Mrs. Nesbitt, to Roger, and to all who make ABC go round the world in such great fashion.

Monday, April 22, 2013

April 22nd, 2013

Monday morning, and a new week begins....There is a sharpness in the air, but the sky is blue, from one horizon to another, and there is a promise of sunshine, all day long........

In my heart I remember a dear friend whose loveliest gifts were her gentleness,
 her kindness and her compassion. 
And a beautiful capacity for friendship.
April 22nd, 2012
In loving memory