Wednesday, March 27, 2019

As the days go by.....

Wednesday, March 27th, 2019

There came a time, just recently,

when I had no empty bobbins.  Not one!

All of them had various lengths of cotton, silk or wool

in a wide variety of colours.

Pretty to look at, but of no use whatsoever
to weave with!!!

What to do?  What to do?

It came to me in the night....why not morph the threads on these bobbins into a colourful, random warp and make a nice, dented, wispy summer scarf.

and so I did!

It is not the most intricate, elaborate project

but it is gay, and it drapes nicely,

and is just the thing to add a little colour

to a white summer ensemble.

And I have my bobbins back!!!!!!

Some of them are getting filled with 8/4 cotton
to do a Log Cabin sample
a la Jane Stafford

and this too may end up  as a scarf,

or a runner,

or placemats.

I am not too inclined to get into mischief,
but if I were
the looms and weaving certainly
keep me out of it!!!!

Spring is here and the garden is tattered and forlorn
with last fall's dry leaves and stalks
but underneath, as I rake the debris away
(lovely compost)
the peonies are pushing their beautiful scarlet
knobs through the soil
the Daphne is in bloom
and there are violets scattered throughout the lawn.

I brought home some pink tulips
from the grocery store,
but soon there will be a glorious array of spring bulbs.

The catkins are now about seven inches long,
fat and sassy, and the nut tree
is full of bees, in their glory!

Ah spring

I'm frightfully bucked at the signs that one sees
the jolly old sap in the jolly old trees!!!!!!

That gorgeous green aura 
that surrounds all the trees,
and the beautiful rosy bushes.....