Friday, August 17, 2007

FRIDAY NIGHT and I have spent the evening delving into the mysteries and delights of downloading e-books.

You may take these things for granted, but when you are REALLY mature and your first memory of things electronic is your father's crystal set in the basement, then you continue to be amazed and confounded by all the little cyber miracles taking place around and about.....

I am keeping up as best I can. IPods and MP3's have not entered into my life yet, and I am pretty amateurish when it comes to texting. I am wide-eyed when I watch our granddaughter sending messages, - how can the brain keep up with those flying fingers????? I just shake my head, roll my eyes, and acknowledge that I was just born seventy-five years too soon to be "hip" in this day and age.

Nevertheless, I am enthralled by the idea that I can download ebooks from the library and see great possibilities for multi-tasking (an appealing concept at this advanced age, - how else is one to get everything done that one wishes to do???).

I have discovered another modern invention, dear to my woolly heart. Space Dyed Yarn! Husband sat in the car on a sweltering afternoon while I scurried into Molly's Quilt Shop in Oliver where I had heard that such yarn resided. I quickly (oh yes, I was quick, contrary to Husband's stories) bought five balls of this miraculous yarn, and am on my second pair of socks.

(These are not my socks, but they serve the purpose to illustrate what jolly footwear can be easily produced just mindlessly knitting away- no planning stripes or joining wool. I have come to the conclusion that there are some truly creative people around.

Now I can spend my evenings knitting striped socks and listening to e-books and feel not only relaxed, but virtuous about all that is being accomplished.

Important to someone with Good Intentions but not the discipline to put them all into action.

Husband is also being creative as he watches TV through sleepy eyes and plans a new ledge for the organ to hold the enormous church hymnbook, bringing it to eye level so that the organist doesn't play with her head tilted back and her nose in the air.

Time to gently shake him and get the nightly card party underway.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Good Intentions

and the Road to Hell.......

I look at the calendar and am shocked to find that less a half a day we have reached the exact middle of August.

And what's a half a day to a dilitente like me.....

I was so full of Good Intentions as I tore July's heated pages off the calendar. I made rough lists on big lined stick-ems, put them up on the wall above the computer and resolved to try my best to follow the path which would fulfill the aims and goals I had set for myself.

Ah, - is where the plan became so badly skewed. I have had a considerably long time to fine tune the art of procrastination, and a list (unless it is an absolutely final desperation list, designed to meet an impending deadline) seems to set off within me a laggardly chain of neglect that manages to put the carefully constructed list right out of my cotton pickin' mind.

Now, this is not just a list scribbled out in the heat of a moment of determination, - ah no. I found a nice leather bound Journal that I had been saving for a special occasion, and quite elegantly copied into it the AIMS and GOALS that once achieved were to make me feel virtuous and well ordered.

Alas and Alack, a lifetime of finding inspiration from deadlines has left me dallying and drifting whenever the pressure is off. And why, at the age of 82, do I feel no pressure to prepare for the inevitable? Denial? Or just too full of living.....

August has been hot, - traditional "dog days". Not the kind of days that inspire full steam ahead activity.

September will be cooler, - always my favourite month, and one that I find filled with Good Intentions.

Will it be another pothole on the Road to Hell, I muse - it will unless I improve my paving skills, and transform my Good Intentions into furious activity.

I am so easily distracted, - an evening on the computer, - a morning in the garden - a little nap after lunch and a good book to read.........tut tut and oh, dear me

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

O Happy Day - O Happy Day

Another beautiful great-grandchild to brighten our lives.

This time a wee girl, - Cadence. Reminds me of melodies and lovely lilting tunes.

Father, - our grandson - sounds elated, and I'm sure that Mother is just thrilled to have the baby in her ARMS.........

Makes up for the current black cloud that hovers over us in the form of a dead mouse in the air conditioning in the car. Oh, yuck, yuck, yuck......