Saturday, December 22, 2012

December 22nd, 2012
A snowy day in the Similkameen

the evergreens at the front reach chilly fingers towards the window
where Callie crouches, watching passers-by

and towards the west that strange bamboo like tree that grows in the neighbour's
yard and shields my kitchen from the setting sun is home to a
blue jay who flits among the tangled branches
but never stops long enough for a picture.

here is the home of the little birds who shelter amongst the
cedar branches and beneath a snowy roof
I ventured forth to feed the birds, and within five minutes of setting out the sunflower seeds and
the small seed for the smaller birds, the ground was awash with quail

The men of the sidewalk cleaners brigade are having a busy day of it, -
 the snow is coming so fast and heavy that there is hardly time for a decent coffee break
before they are out with the shovels again.
They have sidewalks on the other side of the street.
If you don't keep them cleared of snow you are fined by the village.
There are compensations for not having a sidewalk
but I do sometimes feel a little guilty when I cross the street
and enjoy the fruits of their labour.

The white hats on the clusters of bright mountain ash berries
grow larger and more peaked by the hour

but inside all is warm and cosy and the stocky amaryllis that decided to sprout early
have nice Christmas blooms

some of the paper whites will be in bloom by Christmas Day, but they have been most
irregular this year - I look forward to them stretching the season out somewhat
as the slow pokes bloom later in January.

I have found it difficult to find room for all the decorations this year
but here is the Christmas Angel our elder daughter brought to us
over forty years ago, when she came home from Art School at Christmas break.
It never fails to greet friends and family with the sweetness
and loving innocence of Christmas.
A Merry Christmas to all dear friends....

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

ABC Wednesday for December 19th, 2012

W is the letter of the Week

There is really nothing extraordinary about choosing A Wild and Wonderful Winter Wonderland to picture W, - but that's the way it is here these days!

There was a time when winter was my favourite season, - I skated and skiied a little and I loved the sound of the snow crunching as I walked the trails behind our suburban home.

The Band played at the local skating rink and we crowded the changing room and the central fire that warmed us after an hour of whirling and twirling and yearning to be figure skaters.

Here is the very rink I skated on, with the band stand out in the centre of the ice where the musicians huddled around a pot-bellied stove  on Sundays and Wednesdays and played marches and waltzes  in the crisp wintery air. You notice that the girls are wearing skirts, - it was a time before trousers were accepted as Women's Wear.

Oh dear, now I grumble at having to take the SUV out of the garage on to the snowy streets, and if I should go walking I hear Charles in my mind, - 'Do you have your cane?  Have you got the spiked end on it!!!" Still, the memories of gliding and music and sweet cold air are Wonderful!!

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