Saturday, February 23, 2019

Saturday, February 23rd, 2019

A lazy Day....

Well, yesterday I was seized by a passionate need to finish "the shawl"  

which has been demanding

so much of my concentration, determination and enthusiasm. 

 And I did,  as you will see......

Last night, after I had washed and agitated it late in the evening, and hung it up to dry, I went to bed with such a lovely feeling of satisfaction and slept so well I was half an hour late waking - I time my waking hour with how strong I think Bruce's bladder is  (Bruce, my darling dog)

All things necessary attended to I poured the first cup of coffee and went to investigate 'the shawl' and found it to be ready for a good pressing with the steam iron. 

 Breakfast can wait....  

I am so anxious to see this project finished!

Pressing done, I examined the fringe and couldn't quite

make up my mind...

to leave it hanging loose, or twist and knot????

For the present it is hanging loose

and here is the shawl...

(although I am not a good photographer)

I have to say I am most pleased with it

and feel those hours of sticking in a pin to mark

where I was in the instructions,

changing shuttles 

and keeping track of the tabby

were all worth while.

And so today I am having a LAZY DAY

made some orange muffins for church tomorrow

and that's the extent of my endeavours for the day!!

If I were to go to watch curling

I would probably fall asleep

so I will just laze the day away

happy with my efforts

and not even contemplating what

will go on the loom next

to keep me happy and contented.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

This and That

Wednesday, February 20th, 2019

It's weaving day today!

In between working on the current shawl

(which requires me to be very diligent and concentrated

because of its intricate pattern)

I am watching a bit of Scottie's Curling

when I break for a little rest,

and marveling at the ability these girls have

(it's a Woman's competition)

of tossing a rock down the ice and being able

to aim it so aptly that it

sends another rock flying, or skidding, or sliding.

however their eye and their hand

have determined.

The first thing I had to do this morning, though,

was to go outside and rescue the flag which flies over our

garden gate.

I noticed when my DIL came to pick me up for dinner

last night

(wonderful dinner, - ribs in BBQ sauce)

anyway, I noticed that the wind had been playing havoc

with the flag, and it was entangled in the

climbing rose, beneath it.

The Beloved, from on high, would have been very upset

to see the flag so disabled, and I was prone to do something about

this immediately!!!!

Luckily there was a long pruned limb leaning against

the house (and I know not how it arrived there, but was happy

to see it!)

Between the limb and my cane, which accompanies me most places,

I was able to disentangle the flag from the rose spurs

and gradually bring it within reaching distance, free

of all encumbrances.

I folded it up reverently, and took it into the house,

to be replaced by a new emblem

that indicates this is the house of a patriot,

and I hoped my dear one would be happy with the effort!!

The sun is shining this morning, - there is blue sky

and there are white clouds.

The catkins have not yet acknowledged that spring is

around the corner, and if the spring bulbs

have started to poke through the ground

they will have discovered a half a foot of snow impeding their progress!!

However, we had a mild January, and I guess winter

had to put in an appearance sometime before the March winds do blow!!

The Christmas Hellebores were lovely,

and I'm sure the Lenten Hellebores will be just as beautiful

even though Lent is late this year......

Easter is April 23rd.

In 1943 on the day I met my sweetheart, Easter fell on the 25th of April.

A day of happy destiny!!

Lunch time now, - weaving time later!!!

I'm off to deal with this precious day.

Post Script

While having lunch I was leafing through a book

entitled "Poetry of Presence"

(an anthology)

and came across this poem by Lynn Ungar, 

The Way it Is

"One morning you might wake up
to realize that the knot in your stomach
has loosened itself and slipped away
and that the pit of unfulfilled longing in your heart
has gradually, and without you really noticing it,
been filled in - patched like a pothole, not quite
the same as it was, but good enough.

And in that moment it might occur to you
that your life, though not the way
you planned it, and maybe not even entirely
 the way you want it, is, nevertheless -
persistently, abundantly, miraculously -
exactly what it is.