Saturday, October 12, 2019

Saturday, Ocober 12th, 2019

Well, this has really been quite a delightful day.

A quiet, serene daybreak
Blue skies and sunshine to follow....

The neighbour's trees are turning that lovely autumn yellow, - 
their leaves falling
whenever a little gust of wind arises
so that the garden spot I look out upon
is jeweled with ripe Golden Delicious apples
and crisp fall bits of scarlet from the Sumac.

This is not part of her garden, per se
but the small fenced yard has a randomness
that is quite lovely amongst all the ordered gardens
in the neighbourhood.
Some pine trees, a pretty climber against 
the garden shed, a bed of tomatoes, a picket fence
and a hiding spot for numerous street cats
that I am forevcer shooing away from my
numerous bird feeders.

I went shopping in the morning,
with my daughter-in-law, - and that was a pleasure.
We had time to talk and discuss plans for Thanksgiving dinner
and before we came home we put flowers in the Church
and we went and did our civic duty, and voted
for a federal representative. 
I was reminded of the days when I was younger
and quite often the Supervisor of the Vote
in the village.,
and it was diffetrent being 'just' a voter
and not part of the 'crew'....but fitting!

In the afternoon Charles' neice (my neice in law)
came to visit on her way home to the Fraser Valley 
after a short stay in the south Okanagan...
and that was a great pleasure too!
I always enjoy her visits,  and..
she brought Tim Bits with her (as well as a friend).....
 the remainder of the Tim Bits is still in the fridge,
and will be a delicious bite before bedtime!

Beautiful full moon tonight..
A gorgeous end to the day
as it sails over the mountain tops

As we celebrate Thanksgiving this weekend here in Canada
I find much to be thankful for!!!!