Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Almost bedtime on the 31st of July, 2018

I am never bored!

Life is too full of any number of things to do...

As a matter of fact, I have an equation that haunts me....

"Will the number of things I long to do = the time I have left to do them in"

But today I must confess to being bored, and the thoughts
of bed and a half an hour of Netflex
seem quite delightful!

"I'm the child of your rainy Sundays.
I watched time crawl
Over the ceiling.
Like a wounded fly.
A day would last forever,
Making pellets of bread,
Waiting for a branch
On the bare tree to move.
The silence would deepen,
The sky would darken,
As Grandmother knitted
With a ball of black yarn.
I know Heaven's like that.
In eternity's classrooms,
The angels sit like bored children
With their heads bowed."
Charles Simic

Saturday I ran out of "bleached" white thread while
winding a warp..

Bleached is important, - it is whiter than white
and there was no way I could substitute one of the cones
in my closet.

So I ordered it online, immediately...
but of course the order didn't get filled until Monday
and posted until Tuesday
and is due to arrive on Thursday!!!

In the meantime the warping board is fully dressed
and both looms are naked, naked, naked
and I have no way to wind another warp to dress them.

I didn't realize how much I was relying on weaving
to fill these  'growing old' days!!

The garden is another spot where I can lose
hours to pure pleasure,
but we are in our eleventh day of extreme heat
and the only time it is comfortable
is early in the cool of the morning.

I could go for a ride on my loved one's scooter.
but there is a wildfire just over the mountain
that has filled the valley with smoke,
and best for the elderly to stay indoors
(I do count myself amongst those who are confined to the house)
(although I did go to the store today and visited
with shoppers and the girls at the till)

Taken out my 
front door, across the valley.

TV bores me at the best of times..
but there are always books!!!

And drawers and closets to clean and 'purge'

and old photographs to sort
(though that might bring on a fit of melancholia)

Or I could make an apricot pie..
or a chocolate cake....
or have an ice cream cone!!!

Oh well, tomorrow is another day..
one day closer to when I can resume weaving
and perhaps the wind will blow the smoke another way
so the air will be fresh
and the thermometer will not be up in the 30's!!

Enough whinging.....

Hope springs eternal
and one must remember
to praise what comes!!