Saturday, July 06, 2019

Friday, July 5th,

A rainy evening, and how lovely that is

the drops are splashing on the porch

and the door is wide open to catch that sweet scent of wet grass.

June was kind to us, rain wise

and July is starting off in the same generous fashion.

The last two years have seen  many wildfires throughout the province

and this year the dampness is so welcome!!

Of course the garden flourishes

and I am not continually running after sprinklers

and changing water.

If it is raining in the afteroon

I can also spend hours in the loom room

without feeling guilty about the weeds that are also green and flourishing.

I have a very large thistle  hiding in between the little lilac tree

and the enormous rhubarb leaves

and soon it will be out in beautiful lavender cones

(which I will harvest before they turn to seed)

But to get back to weaving...

I have warps on both looms - all threaded, sleyed and tied on

and ready to morph into scarves and runners - if it should keep raining.

I have been reading as well - two or three books, but the prime

is "Underland" by Robert McFarlane.

A fascinating book, about the earth, Under Land......

(A deep time journey)

All sorts of interesting things go on in that land

beneath our feet!!

Even at ninety four I am full of wonder.

Sunday, June 30, 2019

June 30th, 2019

And tomorrow is


Charles and David raising the flag on the first of July,

probably some ten years ago

and I am reminded that I have forgotten to replace this flag

which grew tattered and torn over the years

it flew above the house

until I took it down last fall.

And now, alas, I have only the flag that covered

my loved one's coffin

to fly in its stead!

What to do???

And how could I have been so forgetful???

(the answer to that probably lies in my age, too much weaving, and a lot of gardening)

Well, I will go and ponder this problem!

No doubt, as the day dawns we will raise the flag 

in honour of the country

and in  sweet Remembrance!!!


And of course you will remember
to pay proper homage
to the White Rabbit,

as July dawns,
bright and sunny.