Wednesday, September 16, 2020

 Wednesday, September 16th, 2020

I had to look at the Calendar to check the day!!

I guess this is what happens when twenty four hours rolls by, another day dawns, and look, it is just like the last one!!!

Nothing changes much when a ride up the lane on the scooter is paramount to a day in the nearby town!

Here it is, Wednesday, - the middle of the week when nothing much happens....but today was different!  

The postman was the star of the day!  The star of the month, as well!!  He left a package in the mailbox containing three lovely skeins of silken thread (two black, one almost silver, with a faint blue sheen) and six cones of weaving cotton for me to wind into a long, long warp and make tea towels 'til my heart's content.

All wrapped up in Jane Stafford's lovely tissue paper - just like a beautiful present! 

I plan to make tea towels with the bright blue cotton, and the lovely lime coloured cone.  There's a gorgeous aubergine to give it a little zing, too.  Well, the days won't be anywhere near as dull -  I  will not feel oppressed by the smoke that fills our valley as it drifts up from the awesome fire they have around Omak ( although I will feel pangs of sympathy for the people of Washington who have had to bear and deal with this terrible situation).

Today we were able to see the outline of the mountains, - indeed, for a little while there was a red, red sun doing it's best to part the clouds and smoke.  Out in the meadow across the back lane the family of deer who live in the bushes that line the creek bed came out to enjoy a little green grass, and that was a treat that lent a little sweetness to the day.

This is a springtime picture - I didn't have the camera today...

September moves along, - we are past the middle of the month and the coolness and  wonderful aura that September usually brings has been sadly lacking because of the smoke.  The weatherman says rain for Friday, and that gives cause for a little jubilation, - we haven't had a decent rain since June (I believe)  The garden will be grateful......the phlox is getting weary, but the beautiful white fall crocus are making a lovely showing in the side bed.

Well, here comes my youngest son to say "good-night"
and I shall have nice dreams about what I am going to do
with all that amazing yarn!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2020

 Sunday, September 13th, 2020

Our beautiful September day has been overtaken by a horrid layer of smoke making it's way over the Border and up the valley by Cawston.   I can see across the street, but not much further, and I have such sympathy for the folk who live in the vicinity of Washington, from where it is emanating.

We have been so  lucky this year, here in British Columbia - the skies have been smoke-free and the forests safe from fire, but in the United States and down the west coast, through Washington and into California I see frightening pictures of burning forests and the fire running up the trunks of tall trees, candling those beautiful pines and running through the brush, all alit and threatening to the small creatures who call this home.

I am grateful, but it does keep one in the house and is a real deterrent to cutting down those towering Barn Flowers and putting the other plants to bed.  

Never mind, this situation speaks well for kitchen jobs!  I have made some Orange Muffins,  and have four balls of pastry thawing until they reach the rolling-out stage, when I will make some apple pies!!  Two at least, - one for anybody who comes around and the other for the kind person who left a bag of apples on my kitchen counter.

The reason I have four frozen balls of pastry is because one fine day when the baking fairy had overtaken me and filled me with enthusiasm, I had made up a whole pound of lard (or was it Crisco?) and then had run out of energy before I could make all the extra pie shells I had planned on creating.

This is a condition which seems to have overtaken me lately - running out of energy.  I have loads and loads of enthusiasm but not the wisdom yet to keep it in a halter, so it won't run away with me, resulting in a little nap, or an hour or so resting in the chair-that-rests-the-back!! Fortune has been good to me and I have reached this antiqued age, but not in an antiquated condition.  However!!!   Sometimes my enthusiasm overcomes my energy.  Or my lack of energy overcomes my enthusiasm - take it as you will! 

 Anybody else run into this state of affairs?????

Recently, within the last month, a little grey kitten/cat has come to live with Bruce and I. She is not a baby, but a teen-age cat who has boundless energy and can be found investigating anywhere in the house, or running up and down the hallway as if it were a racing track.  Bruce, being elderly for a dog, the same as I am elderly for a human, looks askance at her.  On the whole they get along quite well and share the back of the sofa that looks out on to the street.  They have a different response to any stray cat who might wander through the fence.........Bruce erupts in a most excited manner, - jumping up and down and barking (loudly), but Misty (the little grey cat) is just inquisitive and anxious to get out and say hello!!

Well, I do think i should go and poke my finger into those balls of pastry, to see if it is time to roll them out and fill the shell with apples and sugar and cinnamon and maybe a bit of lemon juice, and make the house smell delicious as they bake.

Would love to share!


Wednesday, September 09, 2020

 She is here, - she is here!!

Blown in by autumn breezes..

September is here, - there is just something in the air that speaks of autumn.

Bruce and I sat out in the back garden, - me with a book, and he/him with his eyes closed, stretched out on the garden bench, enjoying the sun and the cool breeze.

I am reading "Greenery Street" by Denis Macrail - a delightful book so far, - easy to read and so entertaining.  A little of that "wry humor" that I so often see mentioned in book reviews.  Denis, the author, married Diana Granet in 1917, and they lived at 23 Walpole Street. Chelsea, the setting for Greenery Street (1925).  The little inset at the back tells one that this is the first of his twenty-five novels, and that it was written in 1920.  It's success encouraged him to give up his office job and from then on he wrote a book a year, becoming "the official chronicler of the domestic preoccupations of the upper middle class in London".  With such friends as A.A.. Milne, J.M. Barrie and Wodehouse he was one of a circle of lovely writers that old people like me are so familiar with!!!  I must look for more of his books, but of course the Library is closed, along with almost everything else in town, because of this dratted pendamic.

I am thankful for the back garden!|!  Where the purple asters are beginning to blossom and the bright orange berries on the Mountain Ash tree are heavy and gorgeous, bending the branches low. I would expect to see many birds among the branches, but perhaps these particular berries  are not an enticing part of their diet.... There are five or six robins bathing in the fountain on the front lawn every morning - I suppose they are thinking of packing their bags and flying south, soon!

The street at the front was full of men in yellow vests and trucks that said "Focus" on them, - wires, and men climbing poles....  I didn't go out and ask what they were doing, but they all seemed to be quite focused, and they went away without anyone coming to the door to say"Ma'am, we've just installed Ultra Internet" and nothing seemed any different when they left, but no doubt they had something in mind, and I will ask Youngest Son when he comes to say goodnight....

Tomorrow is another day to enjoy the blue skies and sunflowers September blesses us with....


And the autumn leaves and vines....

Monday, September 07, 2020

Monday, September 7th, 2020

I am waiting, patiently, for September to begin to perform it's magic!!!

Somehow I am still bogged down in late August in the remnants of "old summer".

Nights are cooler, but daytime doesn't encourage open doors and windows, and that lovely scent of Autumn.  Reluctantly I turned on the Air Conditioner this afternoon, - this was after I had gathered together a book, my glasses, a cool drink, the telephone and a basket to hold them all together.

Bruce and I went out the back -

(had to leave Misty the Cat in the house, as I am not yet assured that she would not climb the backyard trees and leap over the fence and up the lane!!! - I am not in good enough shape to race after her and my calling voice is not appealing enough to challenge the excitement of being 'on the loose')

Even in the shade it was uncomfortably warm, so we came back in and found some coolness in the A/C.  

After a while oldest son and his wife arrived with a lovely, fresh fish that they had caught while in their two or three day sojourn at Logan Lake -  I stuffed it and had it for dinner.  Delicious!!!!

I thought yearningly of the days we had spent in the woods and at the lakes, and the friends we had been camping with, - fishing in the daytime and playing bridge at night.  Precious memories, and so lucky to have them..... Here is Charles, and our granddaughter, Noni - how to put a squiggly worm on the hook!  Grandpa knew it all!!


Tomorrow I plan to adventure with the cart, up and around the corner to the Fruit Stall, and when I come home with some apples I will make a pie - or perhaps two (one to share around)...

What is September without apple pies, I ask you now....... 






Thursday, September 03, 2020


September 3rd, 2020

"Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, Close bosom friend of the maturing sun; Conspiring with him how to load and bless With fruit the vines that round the thatch-eves run;  To bend with apples the moss'd cottage trees, And fill all fruit with ripeness to the core......" (John Keats - To Autumn - an excerpt....)

I had to go and check to see what day it was, in September.

Yesterday I lost myself in the garden, so I couldn't decide if I had added a wonderful day to September, or somehow lost one!!   I did have a great afternoon in the garden, but it wasn't an afternoon when I relaxed and enjoyed the bees buzzing in the asters, which are just beginning to bloom, -

 I put on my forty year old aura and started making order out of chaos amongst the barn flowers and the Jerusalem artichokes and the remnants of the golden daisies and the shaggy red Bee Balm.  After a short while my 'forty year old aura' slipped away from reality and I had to come in and rest my back and have a little brandy to recover!! And re-discover, to my great chagrin, just how many years my willing body had been gardening, and how it reacted, despite my delight in being outside amongst the summer's yield of greenery!!

Today I stayed indoors and read a bit and had the nice Thursday afternoon happy hour with my youngest daughter, when we get all caught up on the week's news and gossip!

Not much news these days, as Covid 19 constraints cause everyone to be on their toes and watch their P's and Q's, - so to speak.l  My daughter works at "The Manor", a home for people who are not confined, but are in need of assistance, and so when she first arrives there she changes her clothes and dons a mask, and her poor hands show the results of constant sanitizing.

Will we ever get back to normal?  I suppose we all have different definitions of 'normal', and I cannot complain as my life changes little.  Age makes home and garden lovely places to be, and the door is always open for company, and for family, so I am never lonely, even though I don't get out and into the village.  

There is a fruit stand just down the road and up a block, and one of these days I plan to take Charles' scooter and see what they have to offer, now that autumn is here and the peach, pear and apple seasons are in full swing.

Picking up peaches, and I always ask if they might have some over ripes out back because they bring back such wonderful memories of the orchard and the peach block and the scent of ripe, fuzzy peaches.  The children would perhaps question my nostalgia, as what they remember is Mum coming in, hot and uncomfortable and covered with peach fuzz, - not too often with a smiling countenance or in a happy mood!!   Cranky!!!  Nevertheless......there is always the shower to restore one's equilibrium.

And with that I will say good-night and go and visit with my youngest son, who has just arrived!

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Sunday, August 30th, 2020

A long time since I have written here.

Somehow August has passed by, - warm weather and the usual end of August rain didn't arrive. 

The garden has been growing by leaps and bounds so that now it looks like a small jungle

with the Barn flowers reaching high above the garden fence,

 - and this lack of moisture has not been good for menacing wild fires.

I look forward to September.

Well, I have always looked forward to September!

I was always anxious to go back to school in those long ago days and somehow 

this anticipation has stayed with me over the years

and I still welcome September with great enthusiasm, and renewed plans.

A Handwoven magazine lies open upon my breakfast table

with a most inviting article and instructions for 8 shaft tea towels -

even some with overshot, which is pretty fancy for hanging on the oven door.

I find that the pandemic has joined hands with my advanced age

and between the two of them they have thrown up a barrier between me and 

any social life - although I did go to a church meeting the other day.

My "ears" got into the act, and admonished the other deterrents 

that I had managed to to avoid - I had a terrible time following the flow

and it occurred to me that my best meeting days languish in the past!!!!

I am so thankful for my looms, and the creativity they inspire..

Here are a couple of scarves I just removed, washed and pressed,and looked upon with pleasure!!!!

Oh shoot!!!  Blogger froze up on me, - again!  Is it trying to tell me something?

Am I not to post a picture of these lovely manly scarves, (?) all plaid

and one festooned with red, green and black blocks - lovely soft, fine wool.

Just great for Christmas!!!

I have decided that there is a reason for Blogger being so recalcitrant

these days, and it all has to do with age.

1.  (and the most likely) I am getting old and not as sharp as I once was.

2.  Blogger has taken on new ways that it is not quite used to, and so

     it just lies back and becomes "unresponsive"!!! (This is the reason

     I am inclined to favor as there is some hope for improvement as 

     it matures.....

3.  Maybe my computer is getting old, and it is in need of emergency

     treatment, like the installation of Windows 10, which sits here on the

     floor, beside me, patiently waiting for someone to bring it to life!!!

Whatever the reason, I have reached my limit of frustration and am off

to bed with this intriguing new book I am reading - "A Traveler at the

Gates of Wisdom"

My youngest son, who was just passing through, tells me it is raining 

outside, - I will open the window wide and listen to the pitter-pat and

be just as thankful as the poor parched plants!

Keep  an eye out for the White Rabbit, who is wending his way

through the hills and will be around to visit on the 

First Lovely Day of September......

Monday, August 17, 2020

Sunday, August 16th, 2020

It has been such a hot day, - 

as a matter of fact it is still a hot evening

and I look forward to the time when I can

open up doors and windows, -

although the fresh air that flows in

will probably still be fairly warmish!

I suppose that can be expected in the

middle of August!!

I am amazed that the garden still looks

fairly fresh, and it hasn't

taken on that droopy August lanquishy look.

Some of the asters glisten with 

the syrup from the red mites, - (at least

I think that's what causes the shine on them)

but I have had the sprayer out and hope

that they will recover!

And that when the asters bloom 

they will be fresh and beautifully indicative

of Autumn....

We spend time in the garden

most afternoons

but it usually just involves

sitting around, sipping a cool drink

and reading books.

(The Firmament of Time/Eiseley - at the moment)

In the morning

I try to spend some time at the loom....

have recently finished a mohair blanket...

a sticky endeavour!!!

but I am pleased with it.

Have a cone of black mohair left,

and some luscious red

and cool greens

but I'm not quite ready to 

face clearing the sheds before each throw,

--not for a while.