Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Blue skies and sunshine

2019 - the 31st of October

One day this week

when the sun was shining and the sky was blue

and the trees still held a small vestige

of autumn colour,

the phone rang, and it was

Number Three Son calling to ask

if I was up to an afteroon drive down the valley!!

Of course, -

a most pleasant way to spend

an afternoon,

and in most welcome company...

I took the camera...

and include herewith

a couple of the pictures we took.

a scooped out stone amongst the sage brush and meadow grass

Autumn leaves, down by the border where we stopped to visit with a friend

mountain slopes

A cup of tea at the end of the drive

and another day of pleasure and satisfaction...

so glad that Charles and I decided

to have six lovely children

all of whom are so kind to me, 

and so great to be with!!!!

Sunday, October 20, 2019


October 20th, 2019

Turnips for supper
(or Rutabaga if you must...)

I love their sweetness!

One year, when we were still farming 

and into planting vegetables,

as well as harvesting fruit,

we planted seven miles of rutabagas...

up one row and down another,

up another, and down the next

until we had completed seven miles of turnips.

We got a good price for them, too!

It was late in the season when we planted them,

probably  the end of July,

and we harvested them with the first frost.

Some in the family don't like turnips,

but I love them.

Somewhere I have a picture of Charles

cutting and tailoring the Rutabaga for market

to lend a bit of elegance to this homey vegetable

(I think perhaps it was on the movie camera  -

I seem to remember his movements, his grin,

and Candy, our favourite dog, coming to see

what he might be doing)

I ran across this little poem tonight,. by Laura Grace Weldon

who I think might have had the same fondness for 

rutabagas as I had, and that I encouraged amongst the children

although there are still some whose face goes

all funny when you mention 'turnips'


 "you darken as my knife slices
blushing at what you become
I save your thick leaves,
your purple skin
to feed the cows.

A peasant guest at any meal
you agree to hide in fragrant stew
or gleam nakedly
in butter and chives

Though your seeds are tiny
you grow with fierce will
grateful for poor soil and dry days,
heave up from the ground
under sheltering stalks
and wait to sweeten with the frost.

Tonight we take you into our bodies
as if we do you a favor,
letting your molecules
become as higher being,
one that knows music and art.

But you share with us
what makes you a rutabaga.
Through you we eat sunlight,
taste the soil's clamoring mysteries,
gain your seed's perfect might."

There is enough left for supper tomorrow night..

mashed, and maybe heated with a

little butter and brown sugar.

Friday, October 18, 2019

Another beautiful October day

Autumn is stealing into the trees and shrubs

that line the little creek bed

at the back of the meadow across the lane!

I watch for the deer family

that have taken up residence there

but only occasionally see

the hind end of Mama,

and a peek at the little one.

If I were to spend more time in the garden,

putting it to bed;

gathering leaves and stalks to put

in the yard waste barrels;

and cutting back the herbs to bring in and dry,

well then I might see more of the deer family.....

If I should be weaving at the Le Clerc

I would be looking out the window

that faces on the meadow,

but right now I am doing Christmas Runners

and towels on the Glimakra,

and all I see out the window in that room

is the roof top of the neighbour's shed

and the walnut trees that tower over it.

Nobody picks the walnuts

but when the wind blows they end up in the lane

and my son-in-law rescues them,

shells them and puts the walnut meat in quart jars,

and one of these days I am going to 

sugar some, and put them away for Christmas!!

In the meantime I am making soup....

this morning's menu

Leek and Potato!!


Saturday, October 12, 2019

Saturday, Ocober 12th, 2019

Well, this has really been quite a delightful day.

A quiet, serene daybreak
Blue skies and sunshine to follow....

The neighbour's trees are turning that lovely autumn yellow, - 
their leaves falling
whenever a little gust of wind arises
so that the garden spot I look out upon
is jeweled with ripe Golden Delicious apples
and crisp fall bits of scarlet from the Sumac.

This is not part of her garden, per se
but the small fenced yard has a randomness
that is quite lovely amongst all the ordered gardens
in the neighbourhood.
Some pine trees, a pretty climber against 
the garden shed, a bed of tomatoes, a picket fence
and a hiding spot for numerous street cats
that I am forevcer shooing away from my
numerous bird feeders.

I went shopping in the morning,
with my daughter-in-law, - and that was a pleasure.
We had time to talk and discuss plans for Thanksgiving dinner
and before we came home we put flowers in the Church
and we went and did our civic duty, and voted
for a federal representative. 
I was reminded of the days when I was younger
and quite often the Supervisor of the Vote
in the village.,
and it was diffetrent being 'just' a voter
and not part of the 'crew'....but fitting!

In the afternoon Charles' neice (my neice in law)
came to visit on her way home to the Fraser Valley 
after a short stay in the south Okanagan...
and that was a great pleasure too!
I always enjoy her visits,  and..
she brought Tim Bits with her (as well as a friend).....
 the remainder of the Tim Bits is still in the fridge,
and will be a delicious bite before bedtime!

Beautiful full moon tonight..
A gorgeous end to the day
as it sails over the mountain tops

As we celebrate Thanksgiving this weekend here in Canada
I find much to be thankful for!!!!

Saturday, October 05, 2019

Thoughts and meditations.....

'"He who has gone,
so we but cherish his memory,
abides with us, more potent, nay more present
than the living man.'"

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

"The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living."

Cicero (Marcus Tullius Cicero)

I have been thinking a lot lately, - about life,
about the glorious living of it,
about life after,
and about how long this life is perpetuated by those of us 
who remember, and those of us
who care enough to preserve....'

A small excerpt from a long ago post inspired 
by what would have been my father's 110th birthday,
and the thoughts of preserving and passing on
the memories I have of him, --
and of all those dear ones who have 
gone on ahead of us....

And yet again I have been inspired to write of these
cherished ones by passing on some of my memories
of my father in conversation
with my youngest son who is visiting
from the Chilcotin.

As I grow more ancient I am sometimes anxiously aware
of this need to "pass along"
and I make a conscious effort to
tell stories, bring memories alive,
and label the great treasure of snapshots
we have accumulated over the years.

(Sometimes I wonder if I am a terrible bore - more of Grandma's
stories.  I'm sure I have heard that one before about lassoing
the gophers on the prairies....
sigh.....but I  persist and know that
someday they will be appreciated!!  I do
try to remember just who I have told this
story to before -- it helps when I see their
eyes glaze over!!!!!!)

I suppose that as long as I live here with
the cat and the dog for company
I will continue to talk to them
and sometimes to the dear one I
shared wedded bliss with....

He doesn't answer, but I know what
he would be thinking after
such a long and wonderful association.

Another October
and so far the sun has been shining
and the leaves have been donning
their autumn finery

I am looking forward to a drive in the hills!

Life is good...

Friday, October 04, 2019

Dorothy Emily Grace

Sixty-two years since my mother died

Time passes
Memories fade
but Love is sustained forever