Tuesday, March 31, 2020

This and That

March 31st, 2020

The last day of March, and this diffident month has 

gone out like a gentleman!!

A nice day, - sunny and fraught with the promise of spring.  

Green grass, - five small tulips, one daffodil 

and a lawn awash with violets.

Just as I finished my lunch

my son-in-law came to tell me

that there were deer in the meadow 

across from the back yard fence.

If I still moved "in a flash"

I would have been out the door that quickly.

But even though I moved more slowly

there they were...

two lovely dark deer

I am not sure why their coats are dark

but it probably has something to do with

the season.

They had come up from the dry creek bed,

through the bushes that line their home ---

wherein the sap rises

and the bushes are beginning

to have that lovely rosy spring glow.

I have been told that there is a little fawn, as well

but I have not seen him/her yet.

Just as I have not seen a Robin this spring...

Lots of chickadees, but I watch in vain

for a sweet red breast.

My son tell me that the orchard is full of them,

up on the hill.

I remember that Charles and I used to watch them in the spring,

as they crowded into the fruit trees

where the fermented apples hung, unpicked.

So I suppose that's where they are now!!!

Tippling at the bar!

(This, of course, is a more sedate robin
but I was not able to get a picture of the rowdy sippers)

When Bruce and I came in

I was faced with half a dozen tea towels

which had been washed and pressed

and their hems turned up with a hot iron,

but still lacking the stitching to ensure

the hems stayed in place!!!

Here they are off the loom

and stretched out in the hallway,

flanked by the rest of the winter's weaving

and before they were cut apart.

I started hemming while I watched the news

but was soon dissuaded from this

as the news, as usual,  was so depressing.

It pays only to indulge in the

news the bulbs and the new flowers bring, - 

that spring is approaching as usual

and despite how we mess things up

nature will have her way with us, eventually!

Take care 

in spite of all the weirdness

it is still a wonderful world!!

And we still have fickle April to advance

us into May, that glorious month........

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Remembering Callie 

My evening companion

who curled up beside me

with one paw on the computer........

who had been our dear furry cat

ever since she was a kitten

and David, our grandson, brought her to us

as a Christmas present, fifteen years ago.

She stopped eating a few days ago,

and then, the other night as I went to bed.

 I stopped to stay goodnight to her.

A few minutes after I had pulled up the covers

I felt her presence on the bedside mat;

leaned over and patted her head.

She mewed, softly, and we both went to sleep...

Unfortunately, she  didn't wake up,

and in the morning I gathered her dear furry body

in my arms, wrapped her in a towel

and laid her in a basket.

Our youngest son dug her grave.

We buried her at the end of the long flower bed,

and soon I will plant a white rose

over the spot where she is buried.

I am missing her, around my feet,

nestled in beside me in the easy chair,

and in the evening, here, lying on my desk,

next to me....

We had such a nice friendship,

a sweet understanding!

Saturday, March 21, 2020

A lovely day, weatherwise!

Sun shone, sky was a beautiful clear blue, -

with a touch of sun-lit clouds to complement 

and all sorts of little stubs poking their way through the black earth. -

scarlet, green  and white -

all promising to reach up and blossom into

daffodils,tulips,  anemones, iris

and the gorgeous shades of white, pink and wine

that the peony buds are hiding.

Callie, Bruce and I went out into the garden

for a while this afternoon.

(Unfortunately we missed the family of deer

that have taken up residence in the creek bed across the meadow,

but my daughter told me about them,)

five beautiful and elegant creatures enjoying the bits of new grass

I will watch more carefully tomorrow.

Bruce was his usual inquisitive self

but Callie found a spot in the sun where she could stretch out.

She is not well these days, and I fear

that she might be the first to succumb to old age,

here in the Old Folks Home.

Two sixteen year olds among the animals,

(which is getting elderly for dogs and cats - not ancient, but elderly)

And then there is the ninety five year old

who keeps things in order, more or less!!

We all keep busy and active, -

Bruce spends his time guarding the window and the front garden

from stray cats who come to investigate

the bird feeders - best barker in the neighborhood!

Callie is busy searching for well hidden spots

to hide in, where I can't find her without a half hour search, -

or when she deigns to come out of hiding in answer to my call.

Somehow she appears!!!


I have yet to find her hiding place....

but she spends a lot

of time in the weaving room.

keeping me company

The lady who regards herself as The Boss

is often at the loom, -

sometimes when she should be

sweeping and dusting!!

But we are all happy with what we choose to do,

and look forward to April,

when the little scarlet buds of the peonies send up green shoots

and the lilac tree bursts forth in bloom.

In the meantime we stay close to home to avoid COVID-19

and content ourselves with telephone chats.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

March 17th, 2020

The days march along

(unintended pun) 

And we have now reached St. Patrick's Day

which was always acknowledged in our family

in honour of my mother-in-law's "O'Callahan"relationship.

The smidgin of Irish always added

a little bit of spice to our life,

Charles having inherited much of the

Irish charm and wit.

And that Irish diplomacy that makes it possible

to tell a man to go to hell in such as way that

he looks forward to the trip......

I have great fondness for such Irish authors

as John O'Donahue, Chris Arthur and

Seamus Heaney.

I find many pencil marks in my copy of

Chris Arthur's "Irish Nocturnes" -

a wonderful book of essays...

"thought provoking and immensely readable"

it says on the back cover.

I have given away my copy of his "Irish Willow"

thinking that I would immediately replace it...

(and I shall)

 Kennedy in the Literary Review says of his writing

"sheer pleasure, a swim through the waters of
consciousness of a man clearly fluent and knowledgeable in the
essay form, full of information and opinion,
fact and personal observation, a book that rewards
in many ways, virtually in every sentence."

In an essay on memory Arthur makes this observation...

"one of the most hurtful aspects of growing old is the
recognition that one's memory is failing, and it can no longer be
relied upon to cup and transport its precious cargo as securely
as it once did.......... Forgetting a face, a name, an occasion
and knowing that it has slipped invisibly from memory
into nothingness, is to feel the breath of finitude close upon us,
offering a foretaste of our certain future........"

Well, if we are going to be just history then it does behoove us

to make the story comforting and just a little inspiring.


Time to go to bed now, but I will hopefully awaken

in the morning and be diligent about this task

of making good and meaningful memories for other people, ---

to those who come after us

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

March 11th, 2020

I am nursing a cold!

Not a bad cold, - but not one that I would be happy to pass on, either.

Family who come to say hello stand well back, in the doorway.

Others phone - "How you doing, Mum?  If there anything you need?"

Smart thing to do,  and no, there isn't anything I need.

The flavour that permeates the house comes from the dab of Vicks, 
melting away in a simmering pot.

Every once in a while I get up and go and weave a bit, 
to keep my creative juices flowing.

Otherwise I sit and read, blow my nose, and listen to music!!!

I am well into re-reading Loren Eiseley  (The Immense Journey)

and the music I listen to is anything that comes over the TV music channel.

I would like to once again hear Hauser and Luca on the DVD I have, - 
"Two Cellos"

but I have been there before, - switching around from TV to DVD, 
and it isn't always successful!! 

 I have to be strong and hearty to deal with it if things go wrong!

This is not the morning for it, with the box of kleenex handy, 
the heating pad warm on my back and 
the tea, honey and lemon my favoured beverage.  

I am loath to leave my nest in the easy chair.

A miserable day outside!!

If I have to be in keeping with the weather
this is the day for it!!!!

Tomorrow may be sunny
and perhaps my nose will stop dripping
in concert with the rain outside, today.

Then I will go out in the garden with Bruce and Callie
and see how the daffodils are progressing

and if the crocus are in bloom 

Thursday, March 05, 2020

March 5th, 2020

Bicycles, etc.

 I was sitting despondently at the breakfast table,
wondering what I could concoct that would return me to my usual
everyday energetic and cheerful self,
despite my stiff neck!!!

In order to distract myself from said stiff neck, and the blues that accompany it,
my thoughts turned to early days, when I was full of pep and bounce!!!!

As I contemplated those days a boy rode by on a bike, on his way to school,
and I remembered, nostalgically, the bicycle that was part of my early teens,
and my transportation to school, a mile or so away, 
there being no school buses in those days....the Thirties, Depression Years.

On the corner of Alberta Avenue and 92nd street there lived an older couple
dear to our family, - "Grandad" and "Granny" Green.
Grandad had a bicycle shop, and Granny had a heart of gold!

It was not just shiny new bikes that Grandad sold, - 
he was a whiz at putting together old parts and pieces, and with a magic wand.
a few screws and a fresh coat of paint
he produced bikes that all could afford in those 
economically tight years.

Mine cost $5.00, and was named "Bonaparte"
in honour of the way he came into being!
I think that Granny's Golden Heart probably influenced the price!

Besides school Bonaparte took me on many a cycle ride, 
one in particular with my dear friend and kindred spirit, N.K.
- on this adventure out Oliver way from Edmonton.

We took our knitting -
I believe I was making a sweater for my father, 
which he wore as a vest as I never did finish the sleeves.

Bonaparte was passed on to my sister (five years younger)
who also used it for school.  I wish I had a picture..
he was such a sturdy steed!!!

Where his "Bones" eventually laid I do not know.

I got involved with an Air Force officer, - married him and left home
for adventures in another province of Canada.

Our transportation there was a 1933 yellow wire-wheeled Chev Coupe!


We were so young!

Sunday, March 01, 2020


Came in like a lamb.......

A sunny day

the snow remaining morphed into 

snow white clouds languidly strolling

across a brilliant blue sky,

and Bruce and I went out and picked a few

of the delicate blossoms on the hellebores,

It is said that tomorrow will be sunny.

the grass will be greener,

maybe a few violets will open their lovely petals....

and the robins are back!!!

Can Spring be far behind???