Friday, January 30, 2015

Though we need to grieve your loss
You dwell in that safe place in our hearts
Where no storm or night or pain can reach you.

John O'Donohue

My Sister

July 7, 1930 - January 24, 2015

Dorothy Alice Ruth (Thompson) Duguid

A bright light in my life

A few memories in tribute....

Though our mother bequeathed to us both
her love of threads and fabric
and a portion of her wonderful creativity
my sister received the gift in spades;
and along with it 
my mother's generosity
and giving spirit.

My house, and that of her children and grandchildren, I'm sure,
 is full of her beautiful pottery, her sewing projects and her exquisite needlework.

Out in the garden, for the last thirty years,
a ceramic owl she made has kept stray cats at bay
and has sheltered under the peonies and iris and various shrubs.

and she had a lovely garden

Five and a half years younger than me
we did not have the closeness growing up that
sisters born closer together would have shared,
but later, especially after we lost our mother 
who she had cared for so dearly and patiently in her late teens,
even though we lived far apart there was a
relationship that I cherished.

She was the little one at home when I first started school,
 and for companionship she had a
loyal and loving bull terrier who was with her constantly.
As one of her daughters has remarked she is probably
running free in the fields of Heaven
with Jabby at her heels. 

 I like to imagine that image!

She had such a busy and energetic life -

As a teen-ager she and a friend started a lending library in our home
(school libraries at that time were strictly for research, and not for the 
pleasure of reading)
a wonderful cook, - her recipes are treasured in my handbook of cookery;
she made her pottery skills and her kiln available to the classes she taught; 
and in later years she was a caring health aide and a comfort
to the sick and elderly.

I was in awe of her craft room, where her creativity
abounded in so many different and ingenious ways. 

And so pleased when she took up and mastered the Computer
and we were able to share all sorts of digital endeavours.

She was so proud of her children and her grandchildren,
and took such delight in them, and in conveying tales about
their visits and their accomplishments.

After a decade of suffering and sickness
I think that death, in the end, was a friend to her,
and I cannot begrudge her the release from pain,
but oh, I shall miss her - her laugh,
the news of her family,  our conversations about
politics and religion and children
and just everything that sisters talk about with a dear familiarity.

Rest easy, my lovely sibling.

Monday, January 26, 2015

C is for Curiousity

ABC Wednesday
January 28th, 2015

The Letter is C
The subject is Curiousity

I had planned to write a nice little philosophical essay on the values and importance of Curiousity in the formation of Creativity and Intelligence (which I heartily believe to be true)......

But when I went to find some images to illustrate my points I came across so many wise and pithy sayings, and so many delightfully entertaining illustrations of curiousity, that I lightened my words and decided to share with you......

A little collection of sayings and curious animals and children

 click if you want to look more closely

watch for that man who is inpecting the tonsils of an alligator
for curiousity's sake???

and the voyager of ancient times who is contemplating how far he can go across the ocean

and remember Dorothy Parker's famous saying about boredom
and curiousity and how it applies to our insatiable need
to satisfy our curiousity about the universe.

 A picture of the Mars Rover, so aptly named "Curiousity"

and a little smug cat who revels in the fact that Curiousity is now on Mars and cannot be held responsible for the curious cat's death.....

I would like to add a link  from Tom Stafford, a Neurohack who has written a column questioning
why we are so curious..  I think you will find it interesting
and a small tip of the hat to the essay I first envisioned.

If you are curious about other interpretations of the letter C hop on over to ABC Wednesday 
where Roger and Dennis  and their somewhat curious helpers are hard at work.