Friday, March 25, 2011

This and That...

I am falling behind on the things I want to say, - to write about.  The week has flown by, - two wonderful mornings in the garden, but now we are into the monsoons, Similkameen fashion.....

Yesterday we had company all day, - the nice, interesting man who is doing a book on Veterans and comes to talk to Charles - or to listen to Charles, had French Onion Soup with us at lunchtime.  Then I left them to their conversation and went off to play piano for the Purples (Royal Purples, - lodge).

On my way home I stopped at the Variety Store to talk to Sharon, my daughter-in-law, to see if the knee length dresses she promised me were going to be delivered soon had arrived.  Alas, no, - all her beautiful dresses are for beautiful young ladies and inclined to make Great Grandmas look like mutton dressed as lamb!  Nevertheless she had a lovely surprise for me, - holding the phone out as I came in the door she said, it's for you, Grandma, and it was !  Our lovely granddaughter who lives away had come to visit for a few days, and was wanting to see us.  I scurried home and soon she arrived.....

What a lovely visit we had, - so much to catch up on.  When this family were younger their mother home schooled them, and once a week I was lucky enough to have them for a day while Mum caught up with other things.  Noni was passionate about words and writing and she told me yesterday about some poetry she had had accepted.  We had about an hour to talk before her cousin came to pick her up!

Accompanied by her son and two new energetic and enthusiastic puppies 
who immediately fell in love with Grandpa ....

and when they deserted his knee to go and terrorize Miss Callie the Cat and eat all her food, and drink all her water, Grandpa soon had a loving great grandson in their place

We were late with supper but it was a happy and wonderful whirlwind of family and pets
 and energy and love.

The little Shitzu reminded me of Caspar and brought back memories of happy times together, sigh.....

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

ABC Wednesday
March 23rd, 2011

J is the letter we are honouring this week

J is for Jasper, Alberta

A real Mountain style Canadian town,  Jasper's roots go back to 1811 when David Thompson got his men to build a base here while searching for a tracking route through the Rockies.

Today it is a 'relaxed mix of rustic lodges, cappuccino bars, eateries, a cinema, contemporary and historic Canadian art galleries and museums, excellent indoor sports and swimming and a friendly town with a permanent populations of 4.500 residents.

Jasper is now the commercial centre of Jasper National Park, located in the Athabaska River valley
It is a special municipality with governance shared between the Municipality and the Federal Parks Canada Agency, but in the beginning  it was first a North West Company, and later Hudson's Bay Company fur trade outpost on the York Factory Express trade route to what was then called New Caledonia, but is now British Columbia.

Jasper is a railway town, - the siding at the location was established by Grand Trunk Pacific and originally named Fitzhugh after a Grand Trunk vice president.  The local paper is still called  The Fitzhugh.

The Athabaska Valley and the surrounding Rocky Mountains enhance the beauty of the area.

The Maligne Park underground river, close to Jasper

and beautiful Spirit Island

The animals that live in Jasper National Park are a common sight around the town.

An awe inspiring Parkway runs between Jasper and Lake Louise, to the south with beautiful glaciers and ice fields

and in the winter Jasper Ski Resort gives tourists a great feeling of final frontier skiing.    There are no on-mountain accommodations because of the beautiful and highly conserved wildlife habitat, so tourists and skiers must stay in Jasper and ski at the Marmot Basin.  Jasper is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the most pristine and protected environments in the world.

A most magnificent place to visit!

For more great J's visit here at ABC Wednesday with thanks to Mrs. Nesbitt and her wonderful helpers.