Friday, June 08, 2018

Friday, June 8th, 2018

Out in the Garden.......

feeding the birds, watering, and, as I look for flowers to honour the altar on Sunday I realize that spring is quietly saying goodbye!

All the rosy peonies have abandoned their flouncy petticoats around their grassy feet, - the iris and the wind anemones have faded away, to recharge for next year.  And the poppies....  The only flowers in bloom are the clematis, the shasta daisies, the remains of the cabbage roses (although the Blaze, which we have ALWAYS had in our gardens) is dimished, but its usual glorious self.....
 And here and there a yellow daisy or two, hinting at the gold and red and purple glories to come when the beds take on their summer attire.

The altar will have to be content with some small white and gold flowers (whose name I have forgotten although I know it so well!!) the purple clematis and the silvery shards that complement them.  God won't mind!!!!

Soon the lilies will be in full bloom and the bee balm will be doing what bee balm does for those little buzzing gold and brown creatures.  I have red and purple bee balm, royal colours to complement the gold of the barn flowers that create a hedge of privacy along the back fence, the invasive yellow daisies who would gladly take over the whole garden if they were allowed (sigh), and those lilies, that are so gorgeous and fragrant.

Someday I will post pictures of the gardens I have left behind, that were so precious to Charles and to myself, but I am content in these later years with the comfort of the old and not so spectacular plants, and my little handkerchief lawn is sufficient.