Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Rose   Jean Wilmhurst

Love came down at Christmas,
Love all lovely, Love Divine;
Love was born at Christmas,
Stars and Angels gave the sign.

Christina Rossetti

I guess that's what Christmas is all about, - Love and Joy and Peace and Hope, and so we send our greetings and best wishes that all these
wonderful things are with you this Christmas time;
and in the year that follows.

Hildred and Charles

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

ABC Wednesday

The letter this week is W

And W is for 'Winsome'

winsome adj

charming, winning, engaging  a winsome smile
[OLD ENGLISH]  wynsum, ffrom wynn (joy) related to Old High German wunnia German wonne + sum (some)
winsomely  adv
winsomeness n

So here are a few 'winsome' smiles

A parody on Winston Cigarettes

although what is sweet and innocent and charming here is not apparent

Here is the Winsome Rose, and below a daylily called the  Winsome Lady, both quite enchanting

Robbie Burns wrote a poem in praise of his Wife, who was a Winsome Wee thing....

My Wife's a Winsome Wee Thing

She is a winsome wee thing
She is a handsome wee thing
She is a bonnie wee thing
This sweet wee wife o' mine.

I never saw a fairer,
I never lo'ed a dearer,
And next my heart I'll wear her.
For fear my jewel tine.

She is a winsome wee thing,
She is a handsome wee thing.
She is a bonnie wee thing.
This sweet wee wife o' mine.

The World's wrack we share o't.
The warstle and the care o't.
Wi' her I'll blythly bear it.
And think my lot divine.
Robert Burns  1759-1796

and in conclusion

a winsome President

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and see what Mrs. Nesbitt and her crew have
so kindly offered.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Frosty Friday

Well, it was late in the evening when the frosty mists crept up from the river bottom and began to cover the valley and the hills.

On Saturday the silver rime brought beauty to each leaf and flower and branch it touched.....

A troop of Quail came to dine in such an exquisite fairyland.

and a sharp shinned hawk arrived to admire the artistry - I think that was his purpose, - the little birds didn't seem too alarmed at his presence