Tuesday, May 21, 2013

ABC Wednesday

The letter is the Spectacular S

Shall I choose SUNFLOWERS or SNAPDRAGONS to represent this Snappy, Sunny letter?

Either conjures up beautiful images...
Snapdragons were a favourite in my grandmother's garden and it delighted small children to snap the dragon's mouth open wide.

2008 was a Special year for Sunflowers in our garden.


And a feature on the menu at the Bird's Bar and Grill

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the Sterling presentations
from Denise, Roger and all their Spiffy helpers.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Lure of the Greenhouse!

What is one to do on a sunny Sunday afternoon when all you've been missing in the garden is the fragrance of the Evening Scented Stock?

Why, go to the Greenhouse of course.  Not a happy outcome to my journey, unfortunately, as this year Anna had decided not to seed the Evening Scented Stock, or the Fragrant White Nicotiana.

However she did have some Heliotrope and some lovely spicy Carnations, and so I brought some of both home with me  - along with a Liantris, two one year old Foxglove plants, (looking towards next year) a couple of packs of sweet smelling allysum (just in case I should run out) three or four small trailing plants and a lovely Diamond Frost ferny kind of filler - oh yes, and some Pinks!!!

I sacrificed a large old juicer to pot them all up in, and why not!!

I think my juicing days  are done, but oh, how I will enjoy those

gorgeous evening fragrances......

and I will buy some seed and plant the Evening Scented Stock in a pot

I will keep by my bedroom window.