Tuesday, December 08, 2020

 Many days since I have written here, but I have been busy, busy, busy.

I find these days that  I am not as swift as I once was,  in making plans for Christmas - presents and baking -and putting these plans into action!!!!  Oh well, the days pass pleasantly and if I am a little slow in making twisted scarf fringes the morning passes without too much stress!

I have a nice big cookie tin that I keep well deposited with shortbread, and watch that there are not too many withdrawals from that plain old tin (that doesn't bear any markings as to its contents!)

One of these mornings I am going to be filled with ambition, and will tackle the pastry bowl and make the mince tarts - the tarts that only appear at Christmas as they are not one of my favourites.  I much prefer lemon curd....always with a shortbread pastry... This year I decided to forego the traditional fruit cake.  Last year I made a "Dundee" cake, and the remains of it even went into a custard pudding.

This morning I spread all the intended gifts on my bed, - labelled them and checked them off on my Christmas List, to make sure nobody was forgotten. It occurred to me that I might be getting a little old for this, but still, it's part of Christmas and the tradition of gifts (preferably hand made ones) goes a long way back in my life!  I remember the Shin Plasters my grandmother used to send, - and the hope chest my parents surprised me with, the year I was eighteen. - and I just KNEW that I would meet the ' fellow of my dreams' that particular year.

This afternoon there was just a skiff of snow to relieve the foggy clouds that have been down at least to the mountain's knees, - if not their shins. After a while it turned to rain, but this evening all the neighbors Christmas bulbs light up their yards, and maybe the sun will shine tomorrow.

I have had Christmas music, floating through the house.  For about a week now!  I know it's early, and by Boxing Day I will be glad of a plain, familiar melody, but with music comes memories..... and that's always good at this stage of one's life.

It's getting towards bedtime, and those Christmasy things are still cluttered on my bed, which means I must find a shelf I can put them on, - make some bedtime hot chocolate, and see what nice dreams the night brings!!