Tuesday, April 05, 2016


ABC Wednesday
April 6th, 2016

The letter is M for Marigold

A favourite in the garden - an old standby that lingers even after the first frost of autumn.  By itself, or potted with tomatoes and vegetables to keep away the pesky insects.

Glorious in the sunshine, be it French, African or just the common Pot Calendula, it is always tops on the seed list in our house....

The pot at the end of the driveway
alive with colors, radiant in the sun
marigolds, tomatoes, and morning glories
goldfinch yellow, burnt orange, forest green,
kelly green, a special red, of the ripening vine
faint, pale canary yellow, lavender, sky blue
at the rim of the trumpet, all together
awash in the warming morning
bright colors dancing together
slight breeze,. hint of autumn
but summer still in their blooming,
their growing together.

Raymond A. Foss

Did you know that in Britain rubber gloves for washing up
are called Marigolds, especially the yellow ones.

Wouldn't that make dreaming away, with hands in the soapy
water, watching out the kitchen window,
even more delightful!!

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thanks to Denise, Roger and
merry helpers...

Sunday, April 03, 2016

Out and about

April 3rd, 2016

After all the winter months when it was icy underfoot and the great danger of the aged loomed ferociously month by month;  when the children were worried and worrisome in case their own particular aged one should fall and break a hip, a leg, a shoulder (I have done the wrist thing) - anything that requires surgery and the sad circumstances that took their father away from them;  after all those winter months it is such a joy to get out into the sunshine and the fresh air, even if it is only in to the garden....

where the early peonies and the lilacs are in bud

and the leaves on the trees are that wonderful

tender green of early spring...

but wait,- that's not all my blessings!

Yesterday I heard a Meadowlark!

Not a common occurrence now I live in town, but  the first
meadowlark of the year is a tradition in our family.

We listened for them on the farm,where they were plentiful
among the sage brush, 
and the first one to carry the news of the newly arrived
meadowlark had something to crow about!

I heard the meadowlark as we, 
 son Sid and I, turned off the highway onto the dry meadow
 where you stop and put the four wheel drive in
gear for the road up the mountain.

I was working at the computer when he surprised me with an invitation
to accompany him on his drive to the internet station,
where he had business.

One must be very sure that they want Mother along before
they ask because  ten to one she is always going to look delighted
and then say "yes, yes, yes - just wait until I
find a sweater, or go to the loo, or lock the back door...."

The Nickel Plate road is notorious for being steep and winding,
but I figured that the miners who worked there in days gone by
must surely have visited the village pub and climbed
back up the mountain to safety, so what's to worry about!!!

I didn't get close enough to the edge to show you just how
steep and winding the road is, - I may be adventurous, but not foolhardy!!

It was a lovely afternoon...

About ten days ago our oldest son and his very dear wife
came and picked me up to take me to a performance of
The Lord of the Dance, in Penticton.

That was spectacular in a very different way
with marvelous lighting and magnificent stage effects
and I loved it.......

So these days I'm not feeling such a stay-at-home
and it's most refreshing