Thursday, October 14, 2010

We are soaking up

 each glorious moment of these hazy Autumn days!!!

The garden is packed with fall flowers;  late roses, yellow daisies,

a wonderful array of chrysanthemums, purple asters - 

and here is the last Abraham Darby of the summer!

looking as fresh and lovely as the first bud to open in May.

Charles 'blew the lines' today,

in preparation for the irrigation water being turned off tomorrow.

As he coiled up all the hoses I had a faint feeling of regret

and it was brought home to me that these wonderful warm

Autumn days are a plus, - a dividend, and a wonderful blessing.

I picked a few boxes of Golden Delicious Apples

and on the first day that doesn't draw us outside

we will core and slice them into foil lined pie plates, 

pop them into the freezer and anticipate a winter's worth of 

delicious apple pies.

Tomorrow's forecast is for blue skies and sunshine, - and

the next day too, of course.

It will be Katie and Will's Wedding Day!

Let us celebrate the occasion with wine and sweet words.   Plautus

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ABC Wednesday

M is the Magnificent Letter for this week.

M is for Magnolia

He told of the Magnolia, spread
High as a cloud, high over head! 
 Wordsworth: Ruth

Sauntered down the lane to enjoy these marvelous blooms
in the garden at the big house, last April.

We sat on the bench under the big gnarled tree
and discussed the ways of the world and
the beautiful froth of cherry blossoms along the way
and the delicate beauty of the Magnolia.

From Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings....
The Magnolia Tree

"I do not know the irreducible minimum of happiness for any other spirit other than mine own.
It is impossible to be certain even of mine.
Yet I believe that I know my tangible desideratum.
It is a tree-top against a patch of sky.
If I should be crippled or long ill, or should have the quite conceivable misfortune to be clapped in jail
I could survive, I think, given this one token of the physical world."

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