Friday, January 24, 2020

January 24th, 2020

Oh look, we're getting close to the end of January, 

and February looms invitingly,

(if you ignore the pictures of previous February storms and concentrate on SPRING,

 hiding in the hills, peering down at the valley,

 and making plans to visit)

This COULD be a picture of me.

It is very reminiscent of my early morning coffee, 

and the musings that accompany it.

Today I went out!

Probably for the first time since Christmas.

It has been snowy, and icy,

and dangerous for ancient ladies

who rely on a cane!

And it wasn't a great adventure, either.

My son-in-law drove me to the pharmacy

where I indulged myself

with a fresh supply of Tylenol for Arthritis,

some of that magic stuff you spray

on your neck, when you can't find a

comfortable way to arrange the pillows, in bed.

How our shopping lists change with age!!!

No lipstick, or eye shadow

or fancy soaps!!!

I did buy some shampoo

but only the old familiar Dove!

For Christmas I was given a beautiful bottle

of liquid soap,

daringly scented and in such a sweet container,

but I haven't yet run into the occasion

when I would be tempted to use it.

If the messy snow and water and ice

soon disappears

I plan to get my outdoor walker out of the garden shed

and make a little foray

around the garden

to see if by some miracle the daffodils

are poking through the tips of their lovely green shards.

In the morning I think I might go and inspect

the bucket of bulbs from last year

and see if there are some I can plant in the south window.

My amaryllis bloomed

(I think I posted a picture of it somewhere)

These blooms have withered and faded

but I see there is a small swelling and a tiny shoot

that maybe promises

another flower.

When February arrives I am going to hang

my Spring Sign on the fence,

and hope that it serves as a Welcome!!!