Tuesday, July 11, 2017

ABC Wednesday
July 10th, 2017

The letter is A

for Anxiety

At this late stage in my life I have tried to banish anxiety, living day by day, depending upon circumstances and experience to enable me to handle problems with some serenity.

Today, tho' I must admit to some anxious thought for the thousands of people here in British Columbia who have been distressed and made homeless by the ferocious wildfires that are so prevalent, fanned by summer winds and encouraged by the hot dry weather we are experiencing..

Oh, I am particularly anxious for family - two dear sons and a precious DIL who are living. off-grid, in the midst of this inferno in the Cariboo/Chilcotin area of the province.

News last night that the fire down the road is now threatening the neighbour's house, and these are the circumstances that the ever-vigilant firemen immediately respond to..... . 

So my anxiety is somewhat relieved to know this little stage of the greater fire is being acknowledged and dealt with, along
with all the dreadful fires that have driven whole communities from their homes
 throughout central British Columbia,
 and also forty miles from here along the road we traveled so often in the past, 
(it being dotted with wonderful lakes and fishing spots, now ravaged).

This is the second time the Meadow has been threatened by wildfire 
and they are encouraged by memories of the concern and competence of the fire fighters 
last time around. 

They are also well equipped with huge mobile water containers,
 fire hoses, large moving equipment, and even a drone that makes morning 
forays into the surrounding countryside to assess the situation.  

Their father would be very proud of the way they are coping with this threat,
 and their continual awareness of living where your welfare and safety
 depend almost solely on your own spirit of independence.

Although domestic animals are being moved and cared for,
 my heart hurts for all the wild animals who call this ravaged countryside home...

And there.........when I thought of the start of a new round of ABC Wednesday,
 and the letter A, 
ANXIETY immediately sprang into my mind...

However, anxiety is furthest from my mind
when I consider this new round of ABC Wednesday
so ably and generously undertaken
by Melody and her helpers.

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