Friday, June 24, 2022

June 24th, 2022 Friday again,....... Lunch came, and was delicious except for the green beans, - green beans and I don't hasve a fondness for each other!! The house is responding nicely to Jan's clean-up, - I am so lucky to have this service. Not that the house gets untidy like it once did when there were six children at home, and I guess that in the past, when the children were growing up, housekeeping took second place to their needs. I am not sure that my mother-in-law would not put housecleaning up a notch or two, but I remember Marnie Bomford's advice that I don't place it first - family is most important, - and I think probably her words touched my heart and meant I would never be awarded a shining star for clean corners!!! Oh well..... I don't have the excuse of six children at home now, so it is lovely to have Jan to clean every week or two..... Spring stays spring-like - we haven't hit the hot weather yet and it's a pleasure to be outside. Mainly sitting on the blue bench - I get scolded if I pull weeds, so have to do that unobtrusively...... Thanksful that the flowering plants are mostly perennial and make a nice showing without too much effort. The main thing is to keep the cutch grass from growing tall and towering above the other greenery. Steve brought a great contraption yesterday, - one that helps you get into bed istead of standing on tiptoe and swinging the legs up after the rest of your body!!! I don't know when the bed learned to communicate, but it definitely calls to me as the evenings wear on, and this makes it much easier to respond, and enjoy music and a bit of Candy Crush before the eyes close - thankfully.... I am having good thoughts about winding a new towel warp and using up all the bits and pieces of various colours, but so far it is only "thoughts' and I haven't attached the cotton to start winding. Being 97 makes it easy to procrastinate, but when you are 97 time is of the essence and procrastination should be a thing of the past..... Still, I think how lovely it would be to use up all those cones with only a bit on them and I think the reslt would be quite cheerful in the kitchen. Well, the afternoon stretches out before me, - I think the house will soon be empty and I will be able to wind to my heart's content = or my shoulders complain.