Thursday, September 16, 2021

 Thursday, September 16th

A lovely sunny September day, - it is fresh and cool, the sky is blue and the August noontime heat has gone away until next year- it is the kind of a day that reminds me why I love this month so much.....

I am about to make a chicken sandwich,  and take it out into the back garden to lunch amidst this beautiful autumn air.  Maybe I'll have an ice cream cone, too.........

Bruce, the dog, is coming with me too - I wish I could trust Callie the cat, but she is somewhat inclined to climb trees and hop over fences, and being of an age where I am somewhat inclined not to hop after I will leave her hanging around on the back porch, where she can watch out the window.

I see that the boys have some of their pots of greenery out to soak up the sunshine and I follow their example and nudge the pots of petunias out of the shade and into the light....  September is definitely time to enjoy these last flowers of summer as October will quite surely bring coloured leaves strewn in their place.

Already these blooms are turning papery and shades of orange among the dried out grasses. Youngest son brought in some of the fall crocus yesterday - a beautiful clump of pure white balloons.....

I look forward to an autumn outing in the hills and am sure I will find someone amongst the children who will share my anticipation......  The creek runs merrily along some of the back roads between here and Penticton - now THAT would be a nice place to have a chicken sandwich and a cup of cider! 

There is time yet, - it will be a couple of weeks before fall has truly made its presence felt - the nights are cooler but the autumn flowers are just contemplating their blooming and it will be a while before such glorious colours as those below will be part of the landscape..

I will wait patiently!!!!